Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set

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Hi Everyone,
Good news! The Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycaps have arrived at the warehouse and they are now going through quality control checks. Once these checks are complete the sets will be prepared for shipment.
We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of March 22. We're looking forward to everyone receiving the Carbon Keycap Set!
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The legend was misaligned on mine, but they're sending me a new one again.
Thanks, did that.
Hi, still have these for sale from NORDEUK kit.

I've got the CarPulse set, It's so amazing :))
Very nice.
Filco with Kobo cover, I assume?
White carbon filco edition.
Does anyone know a good and safe place where I could sell my kits? I already tried eBay Germany and the marketplace of a big german hardware community, but I had no luck.
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Go to reddit. /r/mechmarket
Thank you!
Long wait, but totally worth it.

Sorry for the noob question but how to you know which side is up on the spacebar ?
I see PUUP on the bottom of the spacebar, does this mean UP ? Or is this just a weird coïncidence ?

Another issue i have is that the stabilizers on my WASD keyboard are way too loose on the tombery spacebar. And i think this is the reason why the spacebar is super instable. When i put the stabilizers in the default spacebar , its kinda stuck in the spacebar "+". I dont have this with the tombery spacebar as it falls out of it. So my question is . Can i glue it in the "+" of spacebar of tombery with some very little superglue ?

3th issue. my F10 key has a small but very noticeble piece out of it at the top, how do i ask for replacement , here ?
This is the stabilizer im talking about. Other keyboard have it fixed on the keyboard , on the wasd it can be removed from the bar.... I suspect that this needs to be stuck to the key ( spacebar in my case ) to make it work..... but im not sure and if i glue it, i have no way back :(

1. The bottom row on this set is R3 which means the spacebar should be the same either way. I may be wrong about this, but I can't tell a difference one way or another.

2. Don't glue it in!!! Take a piece of thin plastic (like the plastic from the bags the keys came in) and wrap it around the stabilizer. This will fill in the extra space. It's a common issue with SP sets, and easily remedied.

3. Contact MD support.
How many request will this drop need to make it alive again?
I think it's up to when T0mb3ry wants to run the drop again. I would assume it'll be a while.
Just missed this drop. On the off chance, anyone looking to sell their Ergodox version of this set?
Looking for the R3 "stepped" caps lock from the Modifiers extension kit.
If anyone has it and willing to trade/sell/give it up.
Anyone willing to sell Bone Numpad Kit?
I have Numpad Kit (orange accent) to let go or trade.
May you just sell me the numpad kit?
Hi, sure please drop me a PM at