Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycap Set

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Hi Everyone,
Good news! The Massdrop x T0mb3ry SA Carbon Custom Keycaps have arrived at the warehouse and they are now going through quality control checks. Once these checks are complete the sets will be prepared for shipment.
We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of March 22. We're looking forward to everyone receiving the Carbon Keycap Set!
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The legend was misaligned on mine, but they're sending me a new one again.
Thanks, did that.
I have the following for sale:

Beige Warning Signs
Orange Warning Signs
Salty Kit

Hit me up at :)
I'm selling my set here in New Zealand, happy to arrange a private sale/int'l shipping if you're keen on picking it up. Little afraid nobody is going to appreciate it as much as you folks. It's from the first time the set came out, so I don't know if there are any rare novelty keys that didn't come out again from this set.
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I’m keen, message me on facebooK? Vie Redfield
If this would drop again I would be soooo happy :)
I am looking for an SA Carbon 1.75u Shift key. I need the gray with orange text key, not the bone variant with white text. If anyone purchased the modifiers extension kit or something similar that has this 1.75u Shift key, and doesn't need it, then I'd be willing to buy it. Shipping would be to the US. I've attached an image of the keycap I'm looking for.
Can anyone tell me what keyboard that is in the last pic? It's like a vortex kb, but it has a tenkey and all the function keys.

I want it... badly.
That looks like a generic 96-key layout. Look up the RS96, ZZ96, Melody-96, Mehkee 96KEE, or the KIRA mechanical keyboard. The Vortex Vibe is similar, but it doesn't have the function keys.
How much U is the spacebar of the modifiers kit?
Hi, still have these for sale from NORDEUK kit.

I've got the CarPulse set, It's so amazing :))
Very nice.
Filco with Kobo cover, I assume?
White carbon filco edition.
Does anyone know a good and safe place where I could sell my kits? I already tried eBay Germany and the marketplace of a big german hardware community, but I had no luck.
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Do you want to sell it??
I'm interesting on Mod extension kit and 7u spacebars
Do you still have any for sale? Feel free to PM on reddit, u/D3LTA360.
Long wait, but totally worth it.