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It's only $199.99 on AudioAdvisor now. What a pain :(
Just figured out why it was offered on MD at discount. LEFT and RIGHT are reversed!
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Ha! actually, I take that back!

Been burning these in. The Opus #1 has been playing for over 24hrs.

What I just discovered instead is that the Opus #1 I bought, also from massdrop but I don't think that has any bearing, may sometimes reverse the channels.

There this NoDoubt song I always use as a test track (Making Out on Rock Steady; but really the whole album is fantastic both musically and technically, having layers of subtle nuances that are perfect for testing if you have recall of where all those nuances are, which I do), ... anyway, that has this subtle melody in the last seconds of the song in just the right channel. If I can't hear it, I don't buy the headphone. If I hear the note modulation instead of it being single notes at the end of the melody that's an even better indicator, and chances are the headphone is doing a lot of things right. Anyway, after many hours of play today, that passage was coming out of the earphone with the blue color on it, left. I turned the music off, and the dap went into its deep sleep. And after hours idle, it's now back to playing in the right channel again.

Weird is right!
god I wish my computer didn't hate massdrop; I had an entire longass reply typed up that my phone just ate because why the hell not! bloody iphone bullshit god i hate this thing

anyway! Basically what I said is that I've had these for a month now so they're all burned in. I love them. They've handled every genre of music I listen to just wonderfully (and the score to "Spotlight" is SO pretty with them, damn). I've encountered none of the issues that other people have written about, which is great. And film still sounds brilliant with them.

Reading about what yours were doing was surreal, though. I've never heard of anything like that before. (admittedly, the technical side of this hobby confuses me like nothing else, so i'm probably just being oblivious again) and oh god, I need a better DAP. I've only got a Colourfly C3.

And about three days ago, I got a set of A8 30th anniversary editions. They're not fully burned in yet, but I will say this: I don't think they're better than the EMs; they're just way different. The A8s are clearer and have better detailing; the EMs are more veiled but they've got an incredible musicality to them that's just brilliant to listen to. I'm happy to have both.
Figured I'd provide a few thoughts (not a review). This is with the provided foam tips, that i liked the most. Liked the sound of the big white stacked tips. Discomfort was what I imagine is early childbirth. I tried what I tough I'd like better, my ue900 tips. But surprisingly it squelched the treble more than the foam tips. And further did something weird to phase and frequency response.

- Incredibly efficient. Driven great from my Opus #1, no need for my Mojo or M9XX.

- That efficiency lends itself to being extremely sensitive. I never before realized the hum I'd get in my opus #1 when plugged in to power to charge the battery, with any other full hp or iem. I could even distinguish differences in the buzz of the hum from different 5v power supplies. And that sensitivity is readily available in response to the slightest musical stimuli.

- if I hated EQ, I'd really not like this iem. Not at all.

Maybe if I was young, and really cared for my hearing, the treble of this would be 'enough'. But by 18 I'd already caused my hearing some damage. 35 years later, certainly not better.

- Luckily I LOVE equalization. As does this iem. It responds very well to it.

My EQ is as follows. Any positive opinion is based on this in effect in my opus #1.

(I do not know if each division is 1db or 0.5db, or other)

Hz : Division
31.5 : -3
63 : -3
125 : -3
250 : -2
500 : -3
1K : 3
2K : 5
4K : 0
8K : 6
16K : 9

ForEach, plus or minus 1 based on the music or my mood. It certainly is never sparkly. But it sounds great.

- Hours of listening loud, with the treble boosted as stated, yet no ringing in the ears.

- Today, I spent a bit over an hour at Audio46, auditioning & comparing/contrasting the iSine 20 & LCD i4 (no EQ), with plans to buy one. I left the shop and plugged this Cardas in my ears. I expected to be thorougly dissapointed. I activated the EQ, and was actually very satisfied with the sound. All but the top octave that is. That was unexpected; a happy surprise.
Using another eq curve I like better now. The one before is great for 70s rock and concerts. But high mid can be a bit scratchy when loud with modern recordings. Liking this below more. It give me the high sizzle of my UE900 iems while keeping everything else good of the em5813.

Hz : Level
31.5 : -5
63 : -5
125 : -5
250 : -4 or -5
500 : -5
1K : -1
2K : 2 or 3
4K : -2 or -1
8K : 8
16K : 10

With this, the cymbals followed by tambourines during the intro of Lust
for Life sounds right, and different; a disqualifying factor for a headphone is when those two unique high frequency instruments sound the same in that intro passage of that song. Still world's from what the isine 20 and lcd i4 gave me un eq'ed. But nevertheless, not every headphone responds this well to equalization. The bass and mid of these more than makes up for needing the eq'ing in the top half of the frequency range.
Wow, delivered already, today! Could MD be changing its ways? .... nah! Lol

Too bad I had it delivered to a different address from where I am now and I won't have my hands on it until the weekend. Ugh.
Got mine today.

They're fantastic. And film sounds great with them. The only thing I don't like about them is the metal housing retaining a fuckton of heat. (but of course, this is probably just me and my heat sensitivity)
Glad to read you do not regret your decision to purchase I read below.
Not sure why you would buy these over the Cardas A8's it's their newest in ear headphone and it cost the exact same price on Amazon right now. They've reduce the price by 50 dollars it was 300. The older model was overpriced compared to what's on the market today. However before you decide to spend another 250 dollars on in ears. I've done that a lot including much more I've given Massdrop a lot of my money. However you can get some really excellent in ears for a cheap price right now. Check out these bad boys. They sound absolutely amazing and there less than 50 dollars. If you haven't seen this website before check it out They have great reviews of very inexpensive headphones so you can sift the chaff from from the wheat.
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Ouch, hate tooth pain. Good luck w that and I'll check back probably Sunday sometime
Hi ReVolution99

Still have my tooth issue but it's feeling better right now. All of the recommendations I'm going to make are from the AudioBudget website. It's a fantastic site and I find his recommendations to be spot on. However I want to say one thing before I make some recommendations while I love all of the headphones I am going to mention there's no way they can compete with 2 3 400 dollar headphones. However it's a matter of degree the headphones that cost hundreds of dollars are yes better but they're not 10 times better sometimes they are not even twice as good. Once you get into high-quality sound you pay a lot of money for very small improvement. The bottom line is your 300 dollars headphone today will be somebody's 30 dollars headphone 2 years from now. That's how fast the sound world is changing. With that said here are a few recommendations. The first one I'm going to mention was featured on Massdrop at one time. It is the DZAT DF-10 .This is a fantastic little wooden headphone. No it cannot compete with the wooden JVC 850's the best wooden headphone out there. But it's very close for 10 times less money. The VJJB K4S Another really nice little wooden headphone this one has fantastic bass. Yes it is a little bass heavy but the overall sound is really good. Plus I love the design and look of this headphone. The Urbanfun Hi-Fi (Hybrid) This looks like it would be a cheap headphone you would find at Target or Walmart however they sound anything but cheap. Really balance sound very neutral. The reviewer says it's good for electronic music but I find it good for pretty much everything. Also excellent voice reproduction for talking over your phone.
I already mentioned the KZ ZS5 I mean seriously a 4 driver in ear headphone for less than 50 dollars. Most 4 drivers go for 200 or more. The soundstage on this thing is amazing definitely punches way way above its price. The last one I will mention is the one that actually started the AudioBudget site. It was also the first one that I bought based on his recommendation. It's Called the Rock Zircon It was after listening to this little headphone that I realize you can get really excellent quality for a very cheap price. So those are my recommendations Hope you find something you enjoy. Remember these are cheap headphones so they do break pretty easily. So even if you buy a couple that means you just have a quick easy replacement once one breaks. I also wish I could say I stop buying the headphones worth hundreds of dollars. My bank account sure wishes I would. But unfortunately I still do I have the bug. I recently just picked up the RHA CL1 In-Ear hearphones Along with their portable amplifier the RHA Dacamp L1 Portable Headphone Amplifier. encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=89V9M0Z89812D13J8TS8&dpID=314xdWW1ucL&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=detailI don't have them yet they should arrive on Monday. I've heard a lot of really good things about this combo so I'm excited to hear what it sounds like. Yes it's an expensive hobby but the rewards are truly amazing sound. Happy listening. Ray

If they had removable cables..
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These can be sent to the factory and re-terminated for balanced for $60.
I hear the cable is really long. Worth giving up a few inches to reterminate to balanced. I'm thinking reterminate to a hirose 4-pin at the end, then two short adapters from hirose to TRS and TRRS.
These definitely aren't quite as good as a Sennheiser IE800 (which I own and hardly use to boot). I remember when our Cardas dealer announced these and I was very hyped... It's good - not great personally
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Thanx. That i know. To negate further misinterpretation, I edited my post to more clearly covey I was asking dleblanc [jokingly] how much he'd want to sell them to me for. I'm alway looking for a bargain.
Aha, I'm not really looking to sell, but I suppose I can pass them on to someone who'd use them! They're in mint condition, I guess 500?
Edit: hell with it. I don't care. I joined the drop and have resolved to suffer for the rest of the month.


damn it all. i've wanted these for ages, and they show up after i've bought the FA-011 AE.

first the fostex ebony reappears, and now these. figures.
Hard to understand I'm the 1st and only purchaser of this.

No questioning necessary on how these sound. Two hours reading Amazon, Head-fi, and other reviews from Dr. GOOGLE, and I'm sold. Was holding out to get the Senn IE800 ... but that treble peak is scaring me away too. No such issue with these, ever, at all. Hahaha.

I suspect I'll be looking for smaller shorter tips tho too, to maximize the treble. We'll see. Im a 6' 2" guy but recently became aware I have pretty small ear-holes.
I've listened to the IE800's a great deal, auditioning them at a dealer's once. I really don't "hear" the peak at ~10kHz as Tyll measured.. Or it's not as apparent or annoying if that same peak is from a BA driver? Overall, I liked the open sound signature. If it is similar to the Cardas in tonality then I might be interested. I'm a bit concerned with the clear coating's durability though. Plus I'm not a fan of dual flanged tips (they don't fit me well) and complys.. I liked Cardas' copper wire when used in signal transformers and chokes (windings) and internal signal wiring for tube equipment.
I never saw a frequency measurement before listening to the ie800. I auditioned a long time on my own gear at the popup soho store in nyc when there to listen to their totl electrostat.

At the level I listen I did say "this treble is drilling a hole thru my brain, and ears; will make me deaf". Then looked up the measurement while still auditioning and said "yep, that's why. But you'd think the hole in the brain would be bigger". My way of saying it didn't bug me. Decades of loud music leaves me needing help in the high frequencies. And I did like everything about them.

But no, this is nothing like that. The highs are really rolled off on these relative to the ie800; and tips make a big difference according to some owners. So beware; i think i mean be Aware. I seriously doubt I'll use the supplied tips; i too hate the dual flange tips as they're just too big. I'll probably use my UE900 tips; i read they fit.