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Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables

Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables

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Light, Flexible Cables From the Cable Pros

The Clear Light headphone cables come from Cardas Audio: an Oregon-based, family-run manufacturer that’s gained a strong reputation among audio enthusiasts for making high-quality cables that don’t compromise on anything. These light, flexible cables are based on the company’s flagship cables, but with both the left and right channels in a single cable. The matched propagation conductors aim for neutral, well-balanced, and highly dynamic sound, making these a great match for virtually any headphone. Customize your Clear Light based on your gear and needs.

Note: At checkout, select your cable length: 1m (base price), 1.5m (base price), 2.5m (+ $41), 4.5m (+ $97), or 6m (+ $139). You’ll also have your choice of connectors and terminations; see options below. This drop is limited to 250 units.

Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables
Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables
Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables
Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables
Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables
Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables

Headphone Connector Options

  • HD 600 / HD 650 / Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX
  • HD 800
  • 2.5mm mono plug (HD 700, HIFIMAN, AQ NightHawk, Oppo PM-1 and PM-2)
  • Mini XLR (Audeze)

Amplifier Termination Options

  • Cardas ¼ in (6.35 mm) TRS
  • Neutrik 4-pin XLR
  • ⅛ in (3.5 mm) TRS

Connector/Termination Options

HD 6XX w/ 3.5mm termination
HD 800 w/ 6.3mm termination
2.5mm mono plug w/ 6.3mm termination
HD 800 w/ 4-pin balanced termination


  • Manufactured in the USA by Cardas Audio
  • Matched propagation, Kevlar core, Grade 1 copper
  • 99.9999% pure oxygen-free copper with SPN clear coat (Litz)
  • Gauge sizes scaled to golden-ratio proportions
  • Cross-field layer geometry
  • Insulated in an PTFE tape-wrapped jacket
  • Concentrically wound two conductors flanked by antistatic fibers
  • Braided nylon outer jacket
  • Gauge: 4 x 25.5 AWG
  • Outside diameter: 0.18 in (4.57 mm)


  • Certificate of authenticity


All orders will be shipped by the vendor.

Estimated ship date is Jan 11, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.

Recent Activity

I think now I'm ready to make a review. First of all, I bought this cable to replace a broken cable for my HD600. Before my cable broke I was skeptical about cables making sound differences on headphones but I got one from ebay for 43 dollars from a brand called venus audio which made my headphone sound less detailed on both ends and more "mid centered", raising the volume of my amp "solved" the issue but I didn't like the quality of the connectors on the cable so when I saw this drop I joined immediately, for curiosity most. And I'm not disappointed this cable looks much better the connectors are much better too, this is also the length I was looking for and the sound.. Oh my.. the sound is just as excellent as the stock cables!! I know this is not what people is looking to read on reviews of this type of products but after hearing a worst than stock cable for me is such a relief as I blind bought this one. But! (and there is a big but haha) How the other cable sounded worse and why this doesn't sound better than the stock cable? Well a cable can make a difference in sound when it changes the total impedance of the headphones, the stock one is already to low, so lower impedance cable doesn't really make an audible difference for most of us but when the impedance is higher it's much more noticeable. On some headphones and IEMs cables can affect the sound in a good way (there are graphics that shows volume changes in specific frequencies without affecting the others) but for the HD600 I don't think it's needed, what this headphone really need is a short and reliable good quality cable. Maybe in the future if a get to try the stock cables again I may hear a very very small difference but for now I'm totally happy with what this cables are.. A robust well constructed nice looking cable. Keep enjoying music!