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Cardas Premium Clear Light Headphone Cables

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I need this Drop again! I got new headphones! :)
Fabulous-just arrived today!! Will hook the cable up later
Cardas are in the process of sending me a new cable aswell as a pre paid envelope for the returned cable Thare really cool
I have filled in the returns form but no contact as yet Still very unhappy about this!!! This just should not happ
This cable Do Not Work!!!!
Can I use these for the fostex ebony tr ?

I've received the cable today,
Firstly, it could not fit with beyerdynamic T1 2nd as the plug is too big.
Secondly, it was no sound even I plug it in JVC FW01.
Ultrasone 2900 balance X Onkyo a900 X
Denon d7200 ok
I'm sorry to hear about this problem. We can re-terminate your cable to have the correct plugs under warranty. Please send them back for this service using the RA form on this page:
I have received the cable few days ago , but it does not work with Sony MDR-Z7. It was no sound. Thanks for your help.
The cable is Dual 3.5mm with 4-Pin XLR Balanced
I'm sorry to hear about this problem. We can re-terminate your cable to have the correct pin configuration under warranty. Please send it back for this service using the RA form on this page:
Just received my cable. Kudos to Cardas support for being able to change my order two weeks before shipping. I thought my request didn't go through since my email to them was not responded, but in the end they were able to change the termination of my cable and now I can enjoy my LCD 2 Closed Back with this cable!
When this will be available again ?
It is difficult to say for sure. If there is demand I predict summer of 2019.
after waiting more than 2 months.. Massdrop send the item to wrong address and gave me full refund without any explanation or saying anything !!! this is too bad from Massdrop !!... they should send me another one !
I dont need refund.. I need the cable please !!
Please send a direct message to to see if we can take care of you.
It could not fit with beyer dynamic T1 2nd... because of its Too big connector around 3.5 plugs...
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Yes, this would be covered under warranty.
Says it works with Sony but Does not work with Sony MDR-Z1R. Even though they are 3.5 plugs They connect fine but no sound
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I’m in same situation Does NOT work with my Z7 Not happy-expected better
Contact cardas and send it back to them. They will send you a cable that works. Good quick customer service!
Massdrop just cancelled my Cardas order from last drop without any notice. Does anyone's order get cancelled like this? In fact, I got three orders cancelled at the same time today, besides Cardas cables, my Pico Power Amp and DT990 Premium orders also got cancelled.
What's the odds that all three different kind of orders have problems at the same time? Cancel three orders without a notice, must be my lucky day, save some money. Massdrop, you can forget to send me a notice but just don't forget to refund me.
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I'm sorry to hear about that. Where are you located and exactly what Cardas cable did you want to order. I will see if we can get a local dealer to help you out.
Thank you for your kind reply. I live in Taiwan, that will be great if it is possible to acquire these cables with the same price as the last drop offered.
I ordered two cables last time, the option is :
  • Cable Length Option: 1.5m (+$30.00)
  • Headphone Connector Option: HD6XX/650/600
  • Amplifier Termination Option: Neutrik 4-Pin XLR Balanced

  • Cable Length Option: 1.5m (+$30.00)
  • Headphone Connector Option: Dual 3.5mm
  • Amplifier Termination Option: Neutrik 4-Pin XLR Balanced
I just realized that I ordered the wrong length, can I get my order adjusted?
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I’m sorry that you’re feeling ignored. Providing good customer service has been a big part of our company’s 30 years of success, so we take this sort of thing very seriously. I have reviewed your correspondence with our sales director, Brian Von Bork, as well as the posts in this forum. I can see your perspective that the exchanges have taken too long. I wish all of this could have been wrapped up sooner as well.  
Although we can both agree that this could have happened sooner, on September 15th, Brian provided you with a price quote for exchanging your cable for a longer one. He asked you to fill out our Return Authorization form when you were ready to send the cable in. We received your Return Authorization form 11 days later.  At which point, we waited patiently for your cable to show up.  Instead of your cable arriving, you posted on our Facebook page and here on Mass Drop, expressing frustration at our lack of correspondence.  I’m not sure how this should have been handled differently.  You were provided a quote, and you filled out the RA form.
Please send the cable in at your convenience, and we will exchange it for the longer one.
I was waiting for some kind of confirmation email after I submitted the RA form. I wasn't about to send in the cable until I was sure you had received the RA request, as online forms are not always reliable. It's for this reason that any online service I've ever used always sends the customer a confirmation email to confirm they have received the request. I'm not sure why your store does not. Either way, this problem could have been promptly resolved had someone replied to any of the emails I sent to inform me that you're ready and I need to send the cable in.
One more question: I am sorry if this has been addressed before, but what are the important differences between this Cardas Premium Clear Light cables, the Cardas Clear Light cables referenced here:
And the standard Cardas Audio Clear cables made for Audeze and Sennheiser Headphones, eg :
or here:
The Moon audio page describes the clear light as Cardas's "least expensive Matched Propagation technology cable," which offers "much of the performance advances of a Clear Headphone cable in a more price sensitive package," however, their cable is not called "Premium Clear Light." Is there a difference between "Clear Light and Premium Clear Light"?
I'm a bit confused myself. Is the "premium" label a massdrop thing? I assume these are Clear Light Cables as per the Cardas website.
Correct, we have only manufactured one "Clear Light Headphone Cable"
I wonder which of the following would have the best synergy with this cable (as compared to stock cables): Sennheiser HD800, HD6XX, Hifiman He 1000, He 400i, Audeze LCD-X...
I already have alternative boutique cables for all these cans. I am interested in the Cardas, because of the length (4.5m), which will enable me connect one of these headphones to my main 2 channel listening rig from my favorite listening position which is 14.5 feet away.
Headphone amp is a Violectric V281 DAC is a Schiit Yggdrasil Source : Ultrarendu serving as a Roon endpoint.
Any thoughts
How is the synergy with HD800, V281 and Yggy?
I have HD800 and the V281, but I'm currently looking for a DAC.
The Yggy pairs extremely well with the V281, and I have no complaints at all with the way they both handle the HD800. My Yggy currently has the USB 5 update, and is queued up to get the Analog 2 upgrade. Both upgrades have brought noticeable enhancements to the sound, and they come already installed in new Yggys.
Why don't they have some cables for the HD700 as well? I'd order them immediately.
this drop includes terminations for HD700: Available Headphone Connectors
  • 2.5mm mono plug for HD 700
The mini XLR cables will work with ZMF headphones as well, correct? Atticus/Eikon/Auteur, specifically.
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I would highly recommend getting your ears on a pair, they are excellent :) ZMF uses only pins 1 and 3 in four-pin mini XLR connectors, pins 2 and 4 are left unused. If I remember correctly, pin 1 is the signal and pin 3 is ground. Please let me know if it is the same pinout for your mini-XLR connectors, I will join the drop if so, thanks!
We terminate the Audeze for pins 1 and 4 positive, pins 2 and 3 are negative.
Would the single 3pin mini XLR work for the Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro?
Could it be terminated in a 4 pin XLR?
If the Beyerdynamic uses a 3 pin mini XLR and has the same pin assignment as AKG it should work. Yes, the source end can be terminated with 4 pin XLR.
Hmm, I have no idea what the pin out is or if it the same as the AKG... probably won't chance it.
I think this is the best value you could get for an HD800 cable. Really excited for this.
Can I request Mr.speakers connector?
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Thank you.
OK! Thanks for your reply.
First, Cardas is a reputable company. Second, it is 2018 now, everyone claimed himself or herself an audiophile should know cable can make difference, especially in hi-end system. Third, $135 is definitely can be considered as "Cheap" among the current Hi-end cable market. I personally owned an Aux 8 wire from OC studio($500) and will purchase an 1960s 4wires cable from PW audio($1200) for my 64 U12t.
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I get you, that is pretty funny.
No offense, but cut the BS; things like this is going to be death of the "audiophile" community.
could I change the Headphone Connectors by myself?
Cardas cables have a lifetime warranty only if they are factory terminated. We use litz copper conductors and therefore every strand of copper used to make a single conductor has a clear coat to protect it from aging and oxidation. This coating requires a special termination process and tools. We use a solder pot to burn off this clear coat and tin the ends of the conductors. Without a solder pot it is not possible to terminate Cardas cables properly. The fee to change the headphone end to a new termination is usually $60 plus shipping, same for the amplifier end. We do not recommend that anyone attempt to modify a factory terminated cable.
I think picture Nr 10 (of 12) is not with Senn HD800 connectors , but with mini XLR for Audeze and ZMF headphones.
I haven't sifted through all of the comments here to see if this has been asked, as there are too many comments here. But I was just wondering why would one pay 150 etc for a headphone wire replacement? Do these make a significant difference in sound or something?
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To me it really depends on what kind of OEM wire the headphone mfg. uses, the type of Hifi equipment you're running and the type of music you listen to. Personally, I have Senn HD600, HD650, HD6xx, Hifiman HE4XX, Philips SHP9500, X1 and X2’s. I listen to pop, metal, rock, country and a little opera. I use portable DAP/DAC/Amps mostly with the exception of a tube amp at home, and I listen to 90% HiRes files. I have all the proper equipment and skill to make cables. I’ve made OFC copper star quad cables with high quality gold plated connectors, all soldered with eutectic silver 62/36/2 for all these cans. If there is a difference it’s barely perceptible with the exception of the X1’s and that’s because the factory cable is poor quality. But I have also used silver plated OFC copper and have noticed a difference. With iems and headphones that are capable of producing very detailed high frequency’s they do accentuate those frequencies. However I personally don’t care for that type of sonic signature so I stay with copper which has a warmer signature. When using decent quality headphones IMO there are only 2 reasons to recable: to obtain different lengths and connectors for your personal setup and to be able to use balanced output equipment. Or if you really listen to high frequency type music and you feel that your setup is too warm, then go silver. I’m sure there will be plenty of people that disagree, but like I said, this is my personal opinion based on the applications I described using my equipment. Also most of what you are paying for when buying high quality cables is labor if they are hand made. Hours per cable depending on how intricate they are.
Ok, thanks for the reply. I have the Sennheiser HD58x's, HD650, Fidelio X2, Beydynamic 770's, Audio Technica ATH-m50x's annd I think that's it at the moment, lol. I have several different cable lengths for the x2's and Sennys and use at the moment a Magni 3 and a Mayflower ARC. I intend on updating to a different Amp/Dac some time in the future but there's no need for it at the moment. I was curious as to the point of the need of these cables, especially at the price but I don't think there is a need for it at the moment. The BEST thing I would agree about these cables though is that they all have a Lifetime Warranty... that and the staff/customer service for them seems to be completely responsive. I love those two factors alone. If I bought these cables it would be for those 2 reasons alone.

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So they made for you a full set converters with Mogami cables?
No. I made those cables with the parts from those stores.
I thought the drop was limited to 500? 509 are sold now.
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Is there a logical reason why a 3.5m length isn't offered?
We have included the most popular lengths in this drop. If we offer the drop again we might change the lengths. We would love additional feedback from members here so we know what other lengths might be popular.
If you price these elsewhere, the drop works out to be about 50% (or less) cheaper than retail! Cardas makes exceptional cables. I expect these will be no different.
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Seems like an insult when you say people in audio for most their lives have no interest and make it like robots when they actually come here and speak like humans. But this is me asking you to state what evidence you have, hrm? I wasn't insulting or saying theres a problem with independent makers, what I was trying to get across is that you should actually find out about any maker you use before you assume these... " guys usually using high-grade solder wire, using top notch equipment, and make their cables at a "audiophile-grade" levels" just on flat assumption, and think then it'd be better than cardas. I've never heard any audiophile describe cardas as you do LIBY555, any reason you did?
Ha I was curious about the rest of the staff from your weird comment about 2 60 year olds and sure enough theres a complete staff of other people there you were insulting lol.
Are the headphone connectors for HD6xx series and Fostex TH-X00 the same? I thought they were, and there aren't different pictures, but they are listed differently in the purchase dropdown.