Carloop Starter Kits: Basic, Bluetooth & 3Gsearch

Carloop Starter Kits: Basic, Bluetooth & 3G

Carloop Starter Kits: Basic, Bluetooth & 3G

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What is this, whats it for, why should I buy it?
I'm not in the market for this, but it seems to me that having a naked circuit board is risking exposure to dust, groping fingers and other hazards.

If I wanted one, I'd want it to come with some sort of protective cover.
I understand your concern... However this is a new piece of tech in market for developers... An open-source tech that allows developer to play around with ... a Protective cover would later be designed around it to match it's intended use ... But for now it is just a toy to play around with ... Just like any microcontroller in the market.
Can you technically tune cars with this?
Thinking like R32's, STI's, Evo's, Rx7's etc.
So... most cars don’t have the CAN bus. It has been around for ages, but generally it was only used on expensive vehicles before the late 2000’s.

Many more modern cars use it due to its abilities, but many (including some OBD2 cars) are likewise encrypted to prevent modifications (and with the modifications, the possibility of non-compliance, mechanical damage, etc.).

Chances are good that most will use this almost exclusively as stated... as a customizable ‘wireless’ code scanner.
Hi stateofjustin thanks for your comment. Actually, since 2008 every car is mandated to use the CAN protocol to communicate fault codes over the OBD-II port. As a matter of fact, it makes it super easy to read raw CAN messages with Carloop because thanks to this mandate, other CAN signals can be sniffed on pins 6 and 14 of the OBD-II. See this PDF to find out if your older car also has a CAN bus:
So, is this of any use to me if my car uses ISO 1941?
Every time I see these drop I think it's a kit for remote car starting.
is this not a kit for remote car starting?
How do you commit for the Bluetooth version? If I press the commit button for the basic version and it goes to 10 can I later add on the Bluetooth?
Is it possible to get this without any of the Particle boards? I need the Europe 3G version :)
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Whoops, we need to update that!
Can I get the Americas version and buy the sim separately?
Could you offer the European version on Massdrop?
Not sure if this is of interest to anyone, but this week we released a GPS + Accelerometer that plugs into Carloop. It's called the Carloop GPS. Would love to hear what you think
Would love to be order this as part of the drop
Let's get Massdrop involved!
I don't see an option for The Car Hacker's Handbook, either.
The Car Hacker’s Handbook is unfortunately out of stock but if you need a reference you can find the free PDF version offered by the author - Craig Smith.
Does the 3g band model cover american 3g band in this drop? If i recall the last drop was only a euro cellular module
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Don't matter, Verizon isn't activating any new 3g devices after june 18 of this year, and other carriers are likely to do the same.
Hey Wor.Blux, good point! We use as 3G carrier. $2.99/mo for 3MB: and they will support it long term as long as it is available.