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Carlos Santos Captoe Derby Shoes

Carlos Santos Captoe Derby Shoes

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Carlos Santos brand shoes are one of the few shoe brands still available that consistently exceeds quality, materials, craftmanship, and value for what you actually pay for. In nearly every case, with other shoe brands you end up over paying for what you actually get. Carlos Santos shoe brand occupies a nich in quality that can be likened to be being in between the bench grade and hand grade Crockett & Jones shoe lines. A very respectable place to be. Especially when compared to most shoe lines offered in America that wouldn’t be a part of any grade, but are being sold for the same price or even more (ex. Cole Haan). Shoes like those made at Cole Haan are even less expensive to produce, including underpaid labor which is a crime, and shoddy materials. The money you spend there is just going to the ridiculous profit margins that the corporation leadership at places like Cole Haan thinks it should be receiving per each unit of their terrible product. Carlos Santos shoes are very reasonable priced outside of Massdrop. A complete jewel to find inside Massdrop. I hope to come across this while active in the near future. Especially as they even allow you to choose which of the hand finished patinas you’d like the shoe to be finished in.
This is a dead thread and MD doesnt seem to give a damn. I ask them specific question on:
- belt sizing as there is no option
- matching belt colour colour option for the Alentejo shoes

No response after I've been sitting on it for several days. I bet its the same team that doesnt QA their typo and dont answer any enquiries. Shameful

Check out the reviews. These run pretty good rating for the price. I'm in for this drop.
Does this mean that all the shoe widths are close to an E
i don't have this specific shoe but I recently received a pair of Santos boots for around $350 from Skoak in Sweden, and I really do think the build quality to price ratio is second to none. I would suggest looking for some online reviews of the brand or even just checkin style forum if you're on the fence. I'll take a Santos shoe over AE anytime considering the similar price point. Definitely worth spending the extra dollar over something like Meermin if you can afford it – although they are solid for the 200 range.
Regarding the belt, I see no recommended sizing info (usually 2" added to waist, but some companies recommend otherwise).

Regarding the regarding of the belt- can the dropdown be changed to just say Belt (+$80)- size 32, Belt (+$80)- size 34, etc.? It's supposed to be color matching, so whatever shoe color is selected should drive the belt color. I understand that may not populate a spreadsheet / database as nicely for you good folks at Massdrop placing the order, but as is, you'll already will need to inquire at drop's end for belt sizing.
If it's like the previous drop, the belt is one-size-fits-all, aka the belt is size... 48 or something ridiculous like that. If you're smaller, you'll have to punch your own hole, and maybe cut off the excess if you don't like it.
That is an expensive belt for having to do the surgery by yourself! Just saying....
Sounds very disorganized for this price. I pass.
I got these in Wine Shadow at a size of 12, because I had read some reviews of CS shoes online saying the Z401 last ran a bit tight. But those reviews were wrong, and these shoes really are true to size. I've come to regret buying large, as I'm a size 11.5 (left), 11(right) on the Brannock, and the shoes are just too big to be comfortable for me. That said, the Wine Shadows are a gorgeous oxblood-red in person. I've gotten numerous compliments on them.

They are gorgeous shoes though, just too big for my right foot (which is smaller than my left). If anyone wants a pair of thrice-worn size 12 Wine Shadows + matching belt, hit me up.
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I am interested.. please dm me at
I do not have any experience with that last. Best of luck though!
For the shoes colour in alentejo, the matching belt is missing. Through the process of elimination as all the other shoes has respective matching belts, there appears to be an odd one out called "algrave". Is algrave suppose to be the matching belt to the alentejo shoe? MD, please verify.
I'm an 11.5 EEE in Allen Edmonds 65 last...what should I go with here?
Sak's sells a line of CS shoes you can go and try on their shoes and see how they fit your feet. It was mentioned that the Sak's shoes are same size but lower quality for cheaper price point. Good luck
Well, they are ugly, I'll give 'em that!
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I saw someone was asking about an 11eee i think. Sak's maybe someplce to try the brands sizing. The Sak's line do they fit the same?
I cannot really coment on the fit of the Saks line. I would imagine the fit woukd be the same.
Why they include a shoe horn but not also a pair of shoe tree? No experience with painted leather, is it difficult to maintain the stylish unique look of the finish?
How is the fit in these? I usually wear Allen Edmonds 9EE
Are these a Goodyear welt?
Yes, as stated in the description.