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Carlos Santos Chelsea Boots

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More than 1 month since estimated shipping date without news....
Same. I have gone out of my way to try and figure out what is going on. Customer service just recently contacted me to let me know they had to cancel my order and gave me a full refund plus 20 dollars off credit on my next purchase.
So, Massdrop screws up then to make it right all they offer is to give me a refund. The $20 credit has no value because I have no more faith in their ability to handle an order.
A bit tight fit on the side.
Hey Tom,
are there any updates on this latest drop that was supposed to ship April 26th?
Any update on the run that was supposed to ship April 26th?
Have people gotten their chelseas? Anyone finding them a little loose?
I recieved mine from the last run. liked them so much I got snother pair that was supposed to ship April 26th. I have not recieved the second pair yet.
As for the fit, I ordered a half size down so mine fit perfectly. Typically before ordering shoes on MD I will ask how the fit, then give common examples of what I own and how they fit. I usually get very good feedback.
Just got a shipping notice!
Is the Alentejo photoshopped? There's a gray stripe on the far left of the picture (right boot?) that starts from the heel and goes all the way up. There are also horizontal gray stripes on the inner linings of both shoes. Just want to know how red these look, compared to an AE oxblood? More red than brown?
Does anyone have experience with Carlos Santos sizing? I'm a 12d/e in Allen Edmond's and an 11.5 in vibergs 2030 last. I'm a little worried the 12 in this brand will be too narrow and I understand you can't exchange for a different size (?)
Hey Massdrop, I had a question about whether these boots would be coming back around after this? Or, is this potentially the last time to purchase a pair at this price point? The reason that I ask is that I really would like to purchase a pair, but I won't have the money again until the 2nd. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

They don't normally advertise that information. Sounds like a good use for a credit card :P
Hi. Im a 9 uk (E) in the Carmina Rain last and a 43 (E) in the Vass U last. What do you recommend? Never used D
Are these boots 360 Goodyear Welt?
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From what you can see from the pic, it's 270
That's what I thought I saw, thank you.
Can't find any information on their z 401 last, everywhere else seems to list it as on the 160 last. Anyone have more information on sizing?
FYI for anyone curious:

The z401 last information on Massdrop's previous Carlos Santos drop says it's TTS. This falls in line with skoaktiebolaget and A Fine Pair of Shoes information on the 160 last that Carlos Santos lists these on their website.
Carlos Santos Double Monks in violet and Chelsea Boots in Blue. Great colors, now I'm debating the red. Massdrop, can you tell us in the Monks will be returning soon?!?!!
Your wishes are our command...sortof. ;) But we should bring them back sooner rather than later. Stay tuned!
Any idea when the double monks are coming back?