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Carsmo Rear Spoiler

Carsmo Rear Spoiler

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Conscientious Design

Carsmo Design is owned by two brothers located in Southern California. They developed a rear spoiler for the FR-S and BRZ to pay homage to the original lines of the twins. Tim, one of the brothers said, "We take pride in selling our product and I personally QC and pack each item. When you lay the spoiler on the car; look at how the lines follow through the car... you'll notice that we're the only company whose design lines run parallel with the bottom of the rear glass."

Carsmo Rear Spoiler

Handmade in America

The spoiler is made using the hand lay-up method that utilizes multiple layers of fiberglass cloth and increases the strength of the spoiler. This method also eliminates air pockets by using squeegees and hand rollers. Once the spoiler is cured, they use a high quality white gel-coat finish found on high-end fiberglass parts. They do not spray heavy coats of primer to hide blemishes and it comes "primed, ready to paint." The reason they do this is to reduce the cost to the customer and also, it's a widely known fact that it's impossible to get a perfect color match unless both the car and the spoiler are together.

Carsmo Rear Spoiler

Carsmo has you covered

Installation is simple using 3M VHB high-strength bonding tape and a proven alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. If you want to replace the factory spoiler, this will cover all the holes left behind.

Carsmo Rear Spoiler


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