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Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier Quartz Watch

Casio G-Shock Gravity Defier Quartz Watch

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Shipped on 24th, updated once on 26th and nothing else until today? come on Massdrop, how could this be?
This isn't a good price, I would say this is regular price for this watch. Poor drop.
Flies an alien spaceship no problem.
I’ve owned this watch for about 2 years and I love it. Fantastic watch.
I'm excited to see G-Shock on here, but this is not the one for me.
For your information,
On the plus side the glass is sapphire on this model not mineral. It was the first Gravitymaster GWA1100-1A3 with sapphire and compass. The compass is useful and fast as the seconds hand point to the North. It's easy to swap city in the world time function and easy to go to UTC. It's a very confortable watch and it get radio sync easily in Europe. The solar tech is perfectly mastered by Casio.

On the down side the stopwatch is the worst I have ever used as the hours hand turns into a minutes hand which turns into a seconds hand... It's a 120 minutes stopwatch with a flyback function. But a light bump on the side of the watch's case and the hours hand moves from 10° clockwise. Impossible to know/read the minutes. I used to have this watch and sold it because of that totally unreliable stopwatch. Also you cannot see the time anymore. So for me: totally useless. It's a known issue to all Casio with independent hours/minutes hands (two motors) even the Mudmasters or last GPW2000 Gravitymaster. I own a PRG7000 which got the same issue but the hours hand is not used for another function. This was implemented only on the 5311 module. There is a 60 minutes timer...
Now if you don't mind about the stopwatch, it's a beautiful watch when the markers are aligned. They are half on an inner bezel and on the watch's face and their alignement is not perfect... Mine were not aligned anyway.

Here is the manual:
Did some research and 389$ is the usual eBay price. Keep in mind it's a 2014 model that has many better alternatives from Casio. The model is GW-A1100. Just buy a Mudmaster or Gulfmaster instead..
Was this watch EVER offered at 800$? New Rangeman GPS has 800$ MSRP. That price is pretty bad in comparison..
MSRP does not necessarily equal what it's actually offered for. It is not a street price. FWIW this model is $650 right now at Amazon.