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CCCP Friedmann CP-7044 Automatic Watch

CCCP Friedmann CP-7044 Automatic Watch

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Can't believe I missed this drop....damn my job for getting in the way of my watch addiction! I found it and many other CCCP watches for sale. Still no mention of what movement or useful info except twice the price.
One of the reviews also says the date cannot be adjusted independently so likely one hell of a movement in there.
I suspect we are dealing with a NH35 (japanese movement). I would appreciate more transparency because I would buy it if it had a russian caliber.
As much as I love the look and wanna support the company from my homeland, initially I joined the drop and then canceled it after a bit of research. The original design can still be easily bought on ebay (some are even NOS with papers). Given the lack of transparency of specifications, it's considerably not worthy.
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I do not want to sound dumb or anything but what would I look up to find anything about these kind of watches. Like what would I put into eBay. Because this is a beautiful watch.
Not dump at all and you're very welcome mate. Simply Google "RAKETA Kopernik Copernic" and you'll find it, good hunting ;)
I respect Alexander Shorokhoff, his own watches are beautiful and innovative, but this looks suspiciously like a rip-off of the classic Raketa Copernicus design. For an extra $100, you can get a similar design from a real Russian manufacturer with true heritage and (I suspect) much better QC:

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holy cr#p that looks great, and I'm sure a good conversation starter!
They're back in stock periodically. Meranom should have it in stock by mid-year again.
Has anyone seen the profile of this watch? I am curious about how thick it is.
14mm, it’s right there in the specifications.
So is there really no past history from this watch maker or any known info about quality control, movement reliability or anything? I really like the design but I'm hesitant to jump on this blindly.
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that's the vibe i was getting from it. otherwise why put like 0 actual info about it in the description. I'm gonna save my money and pass on this drop, as cool as i may think the design is.
Well I bought another watch from this company on Massdrop and I have to say that I don't have any complaints about quality or accuracy. The materials feel premium, and the watch isn't less accurate than the Orient Symphony I own. I'd say that if you like the look, go for it. It's not a cheapy company at all.
This is NOT Russian watch, this is NOT connected to Raketa. It is Chinese homage for Raketa Kopernik
Well you know, those damn commie Russians have always been in cahoots with those damn commie Chinese! I'll tell you one thing, until they bring those Chinese Russian watch jobs back to America where they belong, I ain't buy'n one!

[sarcasm] Man oh man, if only they had something similar with another totalitarian regime abbreviation/logo, that's responsible for millions upon millions of innocent lives taken. Bet that too would go down well! [/sarcasm]
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Never know what the future holds, but what you're describing apparently occurred the last time around--in Germany.
Yes, I would not hesitate to buy a watch with "USA" written on it. As far as destroyers of other countries go, you can't go wrong with those three letters. {sarcasm, Sarcasm, sarcasM?}
"Massdrop, if you're listening," I find my enthusiasm for all things "Russia, Russia, Russia" is some how, waning these days...

Komyaa?e Tyachtr It hurts my brain, never mix alphabet systems..
I feel the same way about political systems ;- )
What is the Lug to lug on it? Looks a whole lot like the Raketa Copernicus
Do they make a version that says USA on it? :D
"Raketa-Avtomat already excels Swiss brands by some technical details: — high speed winding; — the manual winding function works independently of the automatic movement system; — the winding rotor is bi-directional." excels Swiss brands LOL , with 18000 bph movement. haven't seen much non-hacking non-bidirectional Swiss movements recently.
I don’t know, 42mm is kinda big. Mind you I don’t want some 70s 33mm, but still...
I'd be happy with 38mm
I bought another CCCP watch and I see engravings in Russian at the back, so I could guess it is made in Russia. I did not realize that this watch in addition to automatic winding mechanism could be wound by hand. I find this feature extremely helpful.
No trace of this watch in shops in my country do it's hard to compare the price.
Reminds me of the Seiko Spirit SCVE models
Any idea where it is made?
Jklap Could be this one
Any other angle photos? Any shots of rear case, buckles? Not seeing any on Internet either.
Would be nice to get some more info on this watch.
MD does not commerce in information!
movement? automatic *good to know
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I'm agreeing with your point. No need to be a prick.
ya i got no sense of homour sorry.,Didnt get the sarcasm