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The unit appears to be functioning properly but it has something loose inside, rattles when shaken. Doubt I will purchase anything form CEntrance again since their quality control is demonstrably lacking.
Is there something wrong with the beta drivers (8.0.1?) for this in Windows? I installed them for kicks, even though the one before (7.4.19) worked because, well, the stable release was several years off and there are always a lot of under the hood or undocumented changes that are usually pushed to release candidate/beta software that I was wondering about. I'm only on Windows 7 though.

However, it seems that the DACport HD with this 8.0.1 driver doesn't feature 24 bit Windows DirectSound drivers. What the hell? There are only 16 bit options available in the Windows sound properties and even the ASIO panel has been tweaked, so it automatically sets your sample rate and bit depth based on what a host program reports, instead of letting you choose. What the hell to both of these! Not having 24 bit DS drivers must be a mistake, for it means that anything using the default "just output sound windows" command effectively is stuck in 16bit.

I'll probaby just downgrade back to the previous driver, but I'm surprised things would have turned out like this. Fortunately, I've saved the installed. CEntrance's site is being redesigned literally right now, as in there is no page for a variety of products, I see placeholder texts, you can't download drivers, nothing.
Try emailing info@CEntrance.com they helped me yesterday to get the Driver for my new DACport HD
I currently own the DACport; does the DACport HD have the similar "tunnel/cylindrical sound effect" like the DACport?
There is a good review of it here:
Thanks for your support guys, we are very excited, shipping soon!
Last time I got a product from Centrance, it wasn't compatible with my PC and would cause random freezes/blue screens just being plugged in to my machine. The sound was good but it wasn't worth random freezes and crashes.
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How difficult is it to download the W10 drivers?? I bought an xDuoo 2 AMP/DAC and tried and failed to get the drivers to download. Either that or it was a defective item. I had the Geek Squad look at it twice to no avail. Had to send it back. I want to try this AMP/DAC but don't think I will get my refund in time. It is supposed to be delivered Thursday the 6th. Also I am worried I will not be able to get the download to work. Is it a ZIP file?? Thanks:)
You fill out a form and we send you a link. You click the link, driver is downloaded. Any questions --- don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.
Hello...sorry newby....can this be used with a Smartphone instead of a Laptop. Will it use the energy from the phone. Thanks for your help !
This is ideal for laptop or desktop computer. It will drain your phone's battery too fast if you use it with the phone, unless you use an external battery.
Thank you for your clarifying reply.
Then, when are we going to see DACportable or BlueDAC in Massdrop ?

Sure would be a success !
Will be waiting ! (Hope not too long )
Does this come with a cable for USB?? I am running Windows on a PC.
It comes with a USB cable.
Thanks for the reply!!
Is this only for pc or also can plug to DAP ?
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I don't know this model, but perhaps the community here could help?
Question for the gamers out there -- would you like to have the ability to connect a mic to the DACport HD to enable full communication, using headphones such as these:


The goal is to retain the HiFi sound quality, but also add the mic channel. Let me know your thoughts.
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Definitely! If the mic input is perfect then I'm in for one!
Been looking for an audiophile grade DAC/AMP with great mic quality input but haven't found the perfect one yet.

There's only a few devices on the market to choose from and I already tried two (not gonna name) of em and both seemed to have a subpar microphone quality. One degrades the microphone quality significantly (which sounded like being in a cave) and the other has a noticeable hiss. A cheap $5-8 USB Sound card's mic quality is way better than these two. Not sure why such companies leave out one of the most important key in a gaming DAC/Amp/Soundcard.

Hope Centrance does it right! ;)
Sounds a great idea as long as the price is competitive as I have a product which costs more than the HD but is more powerful and also have USB powered one with a 3.5mm headphone out and a 3.5mm mic input which costs hell of a lot less. All depends on cost and ways maybe to keep the price lower while retaining quality.