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CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables

CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables

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Sturdy, Reliable Design

With a solid build that lives up to the CEntrance name, the Reserve Series speaker cables feature polyethylene insulation on the inside and a polyester grain finish on the outside—delivering strong environmental protection in a sleek package that'll stand the test of time. Using patented MultiBraid technology, these copper cables offer incredibly high reproduction accuracy, and the gold-plated terminals feature low connection impedance. Topped off with a gunmetal finish, three-layer core protection, a braided outer shield for added durability, and banana plugs that pair with most amps and speakers, they’re a perfect match for your high-end speaker system.

Note: At checkout, choose the CEntrance Reserve Series speaker cables (base price) or the 1/4-to-RCA cables (- $50). The latter are ideal for sending products like the DACport and DACport LX out to receivers and amplifiers.

CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables

Exceptional Sound

Each CEntrance Reserve Series cable has 14 separate conductors, shaped for optimal sonic reproduction. Bass frequencies travel in a solid central 12 AWG core conductor, which is surrounded by six stranded cores. These outside conductors carry the mid and high frequencies, resulting in solid imaging, enhanced sound staging, and true signal clarity.

CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables
CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables
CEntrance Reserve Series Speaker Cables


  • CEntrance
  • Copper cables
  • MultiBraid technology
  • Gold-plated terminals
  • 3-layer core protection
  • Braided outer shield
  • Gunmetal finish
  • 1/4 in (6.3 mm) to RCA
  • Length: 8 ft (2.5 m) 


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