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Chane A3rx-c

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High Performance Budget Loudspeakers

If you're in the market for speakers, you're likely looking for a product that stands out from its competitors and provides the best price to performance ratio. Enter the Chane A3rx-c, a highly affordable pair of real audiophile speakers that have all the things you're looking for in a value-performance main loudspeaker. As Chane sells direct to the customer, money is funneled into raw performance and build quality.

Note: The drop price shown is for a single unit of the Chane A3rx-c. You will have the option to change quantity at checkout. This drop is limited to 16 units and only shipping to the US.

Chane A3rx-c

Build Features

The A3rx-c employ SplitGap 5.25" mid-woofers to dramatically increase air displacement while greatly reducing distortion. The two-way loudspeaker features Chane’s flat panel “Leaf” tweeter constructed of a micro-light, polymer film membrane driven by powerful neodymium magnets; the ultra-light diaphragms match the SplitGap midwoofers in low distortion, high available output, and improve dynamic range. The A3rx-c comes in a simulated black ash finish along with a trim 7” x 10” footprint that won’t overcrowd your listening room.

Chane A3rx-c

Additional Details

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, the A3rx-c can be easily paired with home theater amplifiers. Chane speakers feature a convertible bass reflex system that utilizes a flared rear port for maximum low end output. A3rx-c also comes with a removable foam plug for the port to help increase flexibility with different system setups, positioning and subwoofer integration. A removable cosmetic black fabric grill and heavy carpet spikes are also included with each loudspeaker. Add heavy, triple-braced, forty pound cabinets; classic, tuned design under the hood; and Chane's 35 years experience in high end audio and you have all the ingredients for fantastic sound.

Chane A3rx-c
Chane A3rx-c

Where, When, and How?

Use the A3rx-c for main channel duty in mixed-use music and cinema systems. Full-bodied, clean, and powerful, the A3rx-c is an excellent choice for effortless 2.0 listening, and with higher than average power handling and dynamic range, a great choice for multi-channel media systems. An included port plug converts the A3rx-c to an acoustically "small speaker" for crossing over to a subwoofer via your AVR or processor.

Clean, clear, dynamic, and pleasing at any level. This is real sound, and this is the Chane A3rx-c.

Chane A3rx-c


  • Chane
  • Finish: Classic simulated black ash PVC
  • Cabinet: Triple reinforced 19mm MDF
  • Grille: Removable black knit
  • Terminals: Gold-plated binding posts on 3/4" centers
  • System type: Convertible bass reflex. Includes removable plug
  • Port: Acoustically flared, low-noise
  • Frequency Response: 55Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB (port open)
  • Low Frequency cutoff: 45Hz -6dB (port open)
  • Sensitivity (1w/1m): 88dB
  • Nominal Impedance: True 8 Ohms
  • Recommended Power: 20-150W
  • Peak power: 250W
  • Dimensions: 1025 x 180 x 260mm
  • Dimensions: 40.35 x 7.1 x 10.25in
  • Net Weight: 18kg / 40lbs each
  • Ship Weight: 27kg / 59lbs each


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Estimated ship date is May 23, 2016 PT.

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