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Cherry Puppy Novelty Keycaps

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I wish they made these for Alps :(
Bring it back :(
It's back
aw yis
For pretty much the entirety of my 2.5+ years at Massdrop, I've been pestering Kunal and Yanbo to drop puppy keycaps of some kind. I'm happy to report that my life (setup) is now complete. This lil' guy makes for a great addition:

And yes, the F1 keycap missing is by design. I use excel and excel shortcuts a lot for work. If you accidentally hit the F1 key, which opens up the excel help center, enough times it can get pretty frustrating. So you learn to do without :)
Finally, Queen Xi came to your rescue ;p
lol I need to rip off my spacebar and comma when I'm roleplaying in Guild Wars 2 and just use the switch, the number of times my character starts spazzing out or running away in the middle of waiting for my partner to finish writing...
If I want these only for my WASD keys, will I have to buy 2 different rows?
If I want 4 different colours, does that mean I will have to place 4 orders (e.g. total 16 keycaps?).
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thats silly.
Its like the cat one from WASD also. With massdrop you save money but are limited to row choice and a single color choice. The logistics for multiple row and color would be awful.
I'd love to go and give these a shot, but I'm sort of confused. When I want to use these for WASD, what row(s) would I need to pick? I have a Ducky Shine 4 MX Clear White Edition. (Which I believe has a OEM profile, so that should be good.)

If I need to pick two sets to cover the WASD keys I'll just get R1 (which I believe is the escape key its profile?) and dump it onto the 4 media keys my Ducky has :P

Thanks mate! It seems like its going to be R4 then. Ordering two sets will most likely cause me to go over the importlimit here, which would make them almost 30 USD more expensive!

Lets hope they go onto massdrop twice again somewhere in the future, so I can get my WASD keys fitted :)
What row option should you select if you intended to use them on arrow keys? (or would any option work)
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Appreciate it!
No problem. Just trying to help the community!