Chevalier Captoe Chromexcel #8 Bootsearch

Chevalier Captoe Chromexcel #8 Boot

Chevalier Captoe Chromexcel #8 Boot

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How often does this one drop?
Hi my boots arrived today, they are different to the ones pictured. They have speedhooks like the previous drops. Did anyone else receive the same?
I noticed that on mine too, they do give you extra eyelets so you can switch them out if you want.... I expected no speed hooks either.
Mine didn't have any extra eyelets. I was interested because a family member bought the boots from an earlier drop and the hooks are broken and bent.
Just a quick update on the remaining shipment for this drop. We have received the shipment from Chevalier earlier today.

Our warehouse guys are sorting through the boots that came in. And we will be able to start ship them out by tomorrow. We are finally in the final stretches now.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 3/16 or sooner.
Quick update for the group on the remaining order. Despite the shipment schedule we were promised, unfortunately Chevalier was only able to have the last shipment dropped off earlier this week.

Based on the shipping schedule that we are given by the freight courier, we are expecting the shipment to arrive our warehouse by next week. We know everyone have been waiting a long time for their purchase, and we are finally at the end of the wait. The order will arrive in a bulk shipment and our warehouse team is ready to break it down into individual packages and send them out to you as soon as it arrives.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 3/12 or sooner.
Any updates for us? I'm guessing they still haven't shipped them. Should Chevalier be taking another MassDrop order when they can't finish their previous order on time? Also should Massdrop allow orders for their shoes so often? People complain that the quality of their shoes are going down because of all the huge orders. Massdrop is fostering this drop in quality if they allow orders so often. Just my opinion.
Our orders have allowed the Chevalier team to hire more people and expand their reach, and we're very happy to have brought their products to a larger audience. I have not heard about any dips in quality, but I'd welcome any information that isn't speculation or opinion, as we take that sort of thing very seriously.
We just received an update from Chevalier on the progress for the remaining order. Our final shipment will be ready to be shipped out from Chevalier's facility within the week. Once it is shipped, it will take about a week for the shipment to arrive.

Our warehouse is prepared to get your package shipped out the moment it arrives. Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 3/5 or sooner.
Just as a note for potential future buyers, I ended up spending $325 CAD on what is supposed to be $200+shipping+tax.
Just a quick update for everyone. Chevalier has been slightly slower in responding lately, so we are still waiting for them to update us with the status of the remaining order. We will update the group as soon as we hear back.

Thanks for your patience and expect an update from us on 2/20 or sooner.
Any updates for us?
Well mine came today and I had to pay $42.80 in tax
FINALLY! it only took 6 days....

February 12, 2015 , 11:21 am
Customs clearance processing complete
10th and received the boots today. Test fit was good but I need to check with the right socks. Found one minor stitching error but overall it looks good.
I was 15th and received mine today. They look great but are a size or two too big (44) if anyone has a 40 and would like to trade let me know.
How is it possible that you messed up sizing that badly?
I don't know. In retrospect 40 is probably too small - 42 is probably what I need.
18th and no shipment? I guess it's not necessarily in order.
Mines been stuck at Canadian customs for 4 days, what's going on?

February 6, 2015 , 12:51 pm
Customs Clearance