Chopard Racer Fountain Pensearch

Chopard Racer Fountain Pen

Chopard Racer Fountain Pen

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Sleek Lines, 18K Gold Nib

Featuring racing-inspired colors and details, the Chopard Racer is a must-have for the pen enthusiast who loves cars—or the other way around. The sleek resin body is complemented by gleaming palladium trim and a rhodium-plated 18-karat-gold nib. On the cap, you’ll find a band bearing the company’s name and a finial made to resemble a steering wheel. 

Note: At checkout, choose the black pen with red accents, the gray pen with pearl accents, or the red pen with black accents. All pens come with a medium nib.

About Chopard

Chopard has been manufacturing reliable timepieces—from pocket watches to jewelry watches—since Louis-Ulysse Chopard set up the Swiss Jura–based factory in 1860. After being in the Chopard family for three generations, the company was acquired in 1963 by the Scheufele family, whose hands-on ownership has transformed the prestigious brand. Chopard is also a longtime sponsor of the Italian road race, the Mille Miglia. 


  • Chopard
  • Resin body
  • Palladium trim
  • Rhodium-plated 18-karat-gold nib (M)
  • Steering wheel end cap
  • Length, capped: 5.4 in (13.7 cm)
  • Length, uncapped: 4.9 in (12.1 cm)
  • Length, posted: 6.3 in (15.9 cm)
  • Weight, capped: 1.2 oz (34 g)
  • Weight, uncapped: 0.7 oz (19 g)


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