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Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual A-T Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual A-T Watch

Where's the price?
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Ehat is the price of this watch here???
What was the final unlocked price?

I never did have. I bought it elsewhere else (in the UK, price tag was good for the UE].
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Ehat is the last price of this watch ?
Arf ! I want to buy this one and I did not see there was a drop for it. What was the price ?
Did you ever get a price?
This is a very nice watch, I purchased mine in 2012 and I hope that they never stop making it. I'm tempted to get a second one as a backup. It's very nice and handsome yet not too overstated (busy) on the wrist. I've taken it all over the country and several times abroad and its very simple to adjust to local time. I love how it's atomic and is updated every night. Top it off with a sapphire crystal. I'm into autos but it doesn't hurt to own some quartz with updated tech and this is one of my go-to's. Very happy with my purchase and got a lot of value from it. I highly recommend it!
Thanks again for joining this drop! Shortly after the drop ended, we submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual A-T Watch. The vendor informed us that the bulk order was picked up and is on its way to our warehouse. Based on the tracking provided, the order is scheduled to arrive by 5/6.

We will keep the group updated throughout the fulfillment process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 5/10.

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Decided to order the CB0020-50E from Amazon. It'll be here tomorrow.
Bought the older version a while back, 50e, from jomashop, same price and better warranty but not sure exactly what the difference is as they look the exact same. Really awesome watch tho, currently traveling in Sao Paulo, Brazil and changing to the right time zones during the journey was a real pleasure for a watch nerd like me. Just pull the crown out, select new city indicated by the seconds hand, push back in and watch the hour and minute hands change accordingly. Gets lotsa compliments for it's looks and impresses WIS (watch idiot savants) for it's technical prowess. Really can't recommend enough, great value! If you're close to an atomic clock i.e. U.S., western Europe and Japan, you'll always have the exact time as it attempts to update nightly. Extremely accurate even without. Sapphire crystal, solar powered, atomic time, 200m water resistance rating and a beautiful two-tone brushed/polished bracelet. If you want a classy, set and forget watch that's ready for world travel this won't disappoint
This watch is $241 on amazon, so does mass drop really save people that much money?? it is my first time around and I was going to join this drop, but the price plus shipping makes it just the same price as on amazon.
It's usually really good for international customers as a lot of the time amazon won't ship internationally whereas massdrop usually does. Some of the drops are really good though.
The one I see on Amazon is model CB0020-50E, this is the CB0027-51E. Don't know if there's a difference but it looks like they have different model numbers.
I have this watch, I have about 30 watches. My collection has a couple of Omegas, a Breitling , a lot of watches. This is one of my favorites. It's light, it's solar powered, sets itself every night, takes care of the April 30, May 1st situation, daylight savings time, everything by itself. You just have to make sure it's charged up (put it on a counter).

There was a question about it receiving the radio signal. Like I said I have many watches, I have 3 A-T Citizen Watches, the key with them is making sure that the antenna is facing the correct way, in my case it's west and the antenna is at the number 9 position. Of the 3 I have, this model receives the signal very easily.

Another thing that I thought wasn't clear, is that the cities around the bezel, sets the timezone. So once it receives the signal (even if you were in London at the time, you can set it to Paris without having set the watch again), you can pull the crown out to the 1st click, rotate the second hand to the city you're in and then push the crown back in and the watch will be set for that timezone.
While I understand that the watch won't connect and correct itself in Australia, will it still work like normal otherwise?
I second vivalde. Does this watch comes with standard Citizen 5 yr warranty or not?
On the amazon page for this watch it comes with a 5 year warranty. In this it just says it comes with a 1 year massdrop warranty and no mention of the 5 year citizen warranty. Does this watch not have the standard citizen warranty or have you just not listed it?
How is this different from Astron? Does it automatically adjust when time zone changes during travel?