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Clark & Hopkins Hot Sauce (The Curry Collection)

Clark & Hopkins Hot Sauce (The Curry Collection)

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Three 100% Natural Hot Sauces With a Kick

Tennis is the last thing you’d think would inspire someone to create a line of hot sauces. But it was on the tennis courts in Virginia where Brandon Clark was given a challenge: to create a hot sauce using ingredients from the Kerala region of India, where one of his best buddies grew up. Brandon rose to the challenge and never looked back. Now, he and his partner Don Hopkins have a whole collection of hot sauces, each made with 100-percent-natural, gluten-free ingredients. This drop highlights three different varietals. There’s Ethiopia, an earthy blend of habañeros and jalapeños that goes great with lentils and grilled meats. There’s Kerala, a deeply fragrant hot sauce with ingredients from the southern coast of India. And finally, there’s Assam, which was featured on season 7 of YouTube sensation Hot Ones. It balances the warmth of the ghost pepper and the added heat of the 7 pot primo perfectly.

As Seen on Hot Ones


  • Clark & Hopkins
  • 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Gluten free


  • Assam hot sauce
  • Ethiopia hot sauce
  • Kerala hot sauce 
  • Recipe brochure


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