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Classic Art Playmats by Original Magic Art

Classic Art Playmats by Original Magic Art

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Playmats of the Past, Now in New Styles

With the success of the Classic Art Tokens—popularized after launching on Kickstarter—creator Josh Krause has added more pieces to his collection of historically inspired gaming gear. These playmats feature the same classical aesthetic found on the tokens, just on a larger scale, and printed on high-quality materials from Inked Playmats. All playmats have a premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards, and a non-slip base so they won’t slide around during gameplay. Look for the brand-new designs to show off to friends.

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Angel Playmat BY Pieter Bruegel The Elder
 Angel BY Raphael
Assassin Playmat BY Jean-LÉON GÉRÔME
Bear Playmat BY Richard Friese
Beast Playmat BY Hans Hoffman
Cat Playmat BY Peter Paul Rubens
Carnage BY Gustave DorÉ
Carnivore BY George Stubbs
Copy BY John Singer Sargent
Dragon BY KanŌ HŌGai
Elemental BY Katsushika Hokusai
Emblem BY Vincent Van Gogh
Freedom Playmat BY John Trumbull
Manifest Playmat BY Paul Signac
Ice BY Pieter Bruegel The Elder
Khans BY Kawashima Jimbei II
Petrification Counter BY Sebastiano Ricci
Poison Playmat BY Jacques-Louis David
Plant Playmat BY Vincent Van Gogh
Sand Warrior Playmat BY James Tissot
Soldier Playmat BY Emanuel Leutze
Zombie BY Vincent Van Gogh


  • Original Magic Art LLC
  • Premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards during gameplay
  • Rubber backing for stability
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 in (61 x 35.6 cm)


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