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ClosetMate Handheld Garment Steamer

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$23.50 CAD for shipping.
I bought this from Massdrop a couple months ago. After a few uses, it now just gurgles hot water. Last time it burnt my partner so we don't use it snymore.

Sorry to hear about that
kindly reach out to us at We are here to help in any which way possible

Got mine for Xmas. Looks real good in the box! Think I should open it?
$8 Shipping? That kills this "deal". Off to Amazon I go.
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Estimated ship date is June 20, 2018 PT ....
I think it's worth the 5 bucks to just get it off Amazon

We can almost guaranty you that you will have the item within the next 5 days
Not sure where the MSRP of $40 comes from, its only 26 on amazon Prime (free shipping)
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I seem to always be late to the party. It's back up to $33 at the eBay link you provide.
Well that sucks.
I had to buy it on Amazon because the shipping was too expensive here (that's a rare occurrence but it happened for this product). It's a little bigger than anticipated so I would not really qualify it as a "travel" steamer. But it works very well, produces a lot of steam, and works magic on some fabric (on others, not so great, but that's a limitation true of all steamers).

My experience is that the heavier the fabric, the better this works. You can also pull a little on the fabric while steaming, for better results.
28.99 with free shipping on amazon and no waiting.
Looks like I be a'steamin' soon!
Not having gotten an answer from Massdrop on the shipping partner, I ended up buying it on and paying a small premium to have it shipped to Canada ( did not carry this - why am I not surprised 😒).
I completely forgot about this drop. It worked out for the best, since the price on Amazon dropped to $26. I should receive it on Tuesday.
can any non-US buyer tell me if they received their steamer via Asendia, or via DHL?
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I've done that, I'm still waiting for their answer. The pre-purchase support is sorely lacking (I'm greatly impressed by Massdrop's post purchase support, that has been stellar for me).
Can you please, please help? I've been waiting for support to get back to me for more than four days.
Got one at last drop and I am very happy with this Steamer
did anyone else receive their steamer with a broken switch?
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The Pleasure is ours! We are hear before and After the Sale!
Yeah!! You showed em good BlueCrowned!