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Just a note that I just today, Monday April 11, 2017, had to deal with support regarding a rather humorous faux pas on my part lol I was vacuuming the dust off the wheel base and had a brain fart regarding the cosmetic bolts that aren't actually fastened to it. And well.....ya, I sucked up 2 of em into a central vac's huge lol Dumb mistake, but! I sent an email out and literally within hours support had some replacement bolts shipped out to me. Absolutely top notch support. Kudos to Clutch for that *thumbs up*
Got the chair!

First impressions:
1. The seat and backrest foam are perfect. They're not as firm as some of the DXRacers chairs. Kind of reminds of the Racing series but potentially even softer. Lets put it this way, the firmness of the seat is a make or break deal for me personally. This made it, bigly. I just weighed myself and I'm 150lbs. I thought I was 160lbs a week or so ago but it seems I lost some weight. Even at my weight (height is 5'9") this foam seat is perfect.

2. The tilt lock feature is a welcomed function. It's not available on most gaming chairs I've reviewed. Typically they were only found on the larger/largest size(s) which cost at least $200 more than this. And I don't just mean locking the seat from rocking period. I mean tilting the seat to your desired angle and locking it there. Rare feature in most gaming chairs.

3. Build quality is superb. Thankfully I had zero damage to any part on this chair....except maybe one, which if it is damaged (or "unintended"?) it's actually a welcomed "defect". The foam on the backrest is not secured to the backrest except for at the top and at the bottom. This pretty much allowed me to wrap the lumbar strap around the back insert holding it in place perfectly. This is actually how some DXRacers have their lumbar's attach on some of their larger chairs. Perhaps a re-design Clutch Chairz ? I've attached a pic to illustrate what I'm referring to. You'll see my hand pull the backrest insert forward.

4. The seat bolsters are fantastic. I can not push down and feel any steel at all. Just cushion. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I purchased this chair and what turned me off from other gaming chairs. I can sit all spread eagle without issue.

5. One thing I do wish is that the seat was perhaps 1" wider. Keep in mind I am coming from an old staples office chair where the seat width is roughly 21.5 inches. This one I measured at 19" (full width, not just the seat part between the seat bolsters). I'll just need to adjust to it, not a major gripe by any means and would definitely not deter me from purchasing this chair had I been able to test drive it somewhere prior to purchase.

6. Now, in 2 of the pics I show the up/down lever (right side of chair) where the text FREE - LOCK - UP OR DOWN appears. I can not use push this in or pull it out. It seems this is exclusively used to adjust the gas lift up & down. But, since the text appears on the lever cover it's definitely confusing. Is this just an old style lever and this is why the text is still there even though it only has one function, raise/lower the chair? I don't know so I'm hoping Clutch Chairz can answer that for me :)

The lever on the left side of the chair does provide the tilt lock/tilt angle lock so it would seem redundant that both performed the same function. Unless! It is supposed to provide another function which unfortunately mine does not? Again I shall await word from Clutch Chairz to clarify.

7. The lumbar cushion is much narrower (depth) than the typical gaming chair lumbar supports and I find it much softer as well. The height is pretty much perfect for my body type/size.

8. Pillow is also much softer than typical gaming chair head rests.

Overall: VERY impressed with this chair so far. First impressions mean a lot and this one nails it. 100% satisfied with this chair. Thanks to both Clutch Chairz and Massdrop B.Hutch for this great chair at a fantastic price that saved me roughly $72 CAD (calculated using a 15% discount code applied to their standard price)!


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Hey Joey0, I do apologize for the confusion. Yes, you are right, please ignore the text . It is for adjust the gas lift up & down only. For lock and unlock it , Please use the flipper on the other side. Thanks!
Clutch Chairz
Thanks very much for the clarification :)
B.Hutch Clutch Chairz (thanks for the Tag tip B.Hutch)

This is all I get now when I click the Track Package link in the transactions page:
Internal Server Error!

Can someone please let us know which carrier is being used to ship these items in Canada so I can just use their website to track from.
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Got picked up last night. I'm in Vancouver and it's still in Toronto.
Ah, my guess is it's also with Canpar. Did you try using their website to track it? My tracking # started with a D followed by 21 digits.

Or you could call them and press 0 to talk to a operator. They might be able to offer assistance as well.

Mine also got picked up yesterday afternoon and is out for delivery today since, as mentioned before, I'm literally an hour away from their terminal.
Is someone know what carrier is used for Canada? The tracking number I have doesn't work with the tracking site and no carrier accept the number.
I was trying to figure it out as well. The tracking link can't recognize the carrier. After a little research it could end up being Canpar. I'm near Brampton Ontario (about an hour or so from Toronto) so that is a plausible conclusion.

Hopefully someone from MD or Clutch Chairz can clarify this for us.

My tracking number starts with a D followed by 21 digits.
Just got my shipping notification! Anxiety is building!
w0000t! Very excited to receive this!

Just curious, since Clutch Chairz sells to Canada already, are there distribution centers in Canada where they can ship out from or will the orders from Canada still be shipped out from Massdrop?

Only reason I'm asking is due to potential import/duty fees. Or do we even get dinged for import/duty fees?

This is my first purchase from Massdrop so I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to these things.
Doh nevermind, I just read the last email update sent out :) Hopefully they have a distribution center in Toronto that has the Style/Color I chose :D
this or maxnomic? maxnomic seems to have more padding
At 4:18 in this video he shows you how "soft" that padding is:
is there weight limit?

I border 300lbs. so it would be nice to have a 350lbs rating.
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thank you sir.
My pleasure bud :)
Happy this finally hit the mark! Time to find the lumbar cushion on my DxRacer and sell it to my friend finally.
Ok, man I need a new chair and once realizing this is a Canadian company I took the plunge and committed. Don't let me down Clutch! ;)

I was literally about to purchase the DXRracer King Series after being able to test drive them until I saw this drop. So, I'm taking a chance on you guys without test driving your chairs....blind faith test! *fingers crossed*

I plan on doing a DXRracer vs Clutch Chairz video comparison. I'm not a Youtuber by any means (at all actually) but after checking review after review of gaming chairs that never really addressed my questions (seat cushion comfort for the most part) or were pretty much reviewed by sponsored channels who don't dare say anything overly negative someone needs to help the other JoeyO's out there who can't test these chairs out.

Looking forward to receiving this :)
while the review will be sweet to see, this chair va the king may be different as this is more of a midrange seat and if I remember right the king was once one of the largest DxRacer had. Looking forward to the video.
Hey, Zelgiusthebrave : )

The King did used to be their largest seat, and it is indeed large. So much so I had plenty of space left over when I sat in it and this appealed to me the most out of the the series I was able to test since their chairs with narrower seats constricted your legs due to the side bolsters.

I found their side bolsters to be under padded and I could easily push through with 1 finger to the metal. I did also get a chance to try their Wide & Classic series and although they had wider seats without intrusive bolsters they weren't as soft and overall comfortable as the King was.

The Racing was my next option since the side bolsters elevated only slightly over the seat top but then this raised the concern of exuding pain over an extended period of time sitting in them since my thighs would actually be resting on the side bolsters. Keep in mind I was only in these chairs perhaps 5 minutes, max.

The seat I fit in more appropriately for my sitting style was the Wide series but that also turned out to be their firmest in my experience. The Shift series reminds me the most of the Wide series in seat appearance so if it does turn out have a softer cushion then to me this would be the most ideal. Here's to hoping! lol

I really am taking a test of faith here but so far from what I've read and seen in some reviews, I'm feeling pretty confident with this purchase. Time shall tell :D

I'll post a link here once I do produce the video.