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Clutch Throttle Series Chairs - USA Only

Clutch Throttle Series Chairs - USA Only

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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He also bought this chair, he had long dreamed about it! The truth when choosing a model of the chair you need to navigate by weight and volume of a person, as well as growth. Here has a convenient tablet for choosing.
Clutch Chairz
Your address shows Los Angeles on your website. i live in the LA area so i stopped by your office to sit in some clutch chairs : 355 S. Lemon Ave STE N Walnut, CA USA .

I found a lawyer office ? or something like that. I was expecting a show room, can you tell me where i can sit in a clutch chair before purchasing. Your WWE chairs by the way are pretty cool.
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Im sorry i did not . This weekend i'll try to get to fry's to test one out. Thanks
We have a huge deal going on the site now. Check it out.
What's the difference between the Alpha, Charlie, and Echo?
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Thanks. I started there. I didn't see anything that described the differences. They look different but all the images are just lined up on the same page, with prices.
Were you able to join the drop?
For people curious about Clutch Chairs from an owner, I have a Clutch Shift series chair I got from an earlier drop. I bloody love it. Compared to my old DXRacer F Series, it's loads more comfortable. The lumbar pillow is the best thing ever, truly. They look like the size would be very offsetting but for how soft they are, they mold right up to the shape of your back, which is good for me since I have minor scoliosis so my oddly curved spine fits the cushion perfectly.

My ONLY gripes would be some small quality control issues. One of the plastic parts that goes over the side of the chair where it would recline had a huge crack in it. Also, on the bottom of the seat the finish on the metal frame was.....very rough and poorly cleaned up. It looked like it had some splatter or something from welding that was just painted over with no sanding or cleaning up at all. While these issues should be noted, they don't affect the function of my chair at all and I love it still.

Clutch, if you better manage these quality issues, I think you would have no problem knocking DXRacer from their throne!
Thank you so much. We have been around for almost a year now and we have learned a lot. We have improved our products and we hope that everyone here takes advantage of this Throttle price we are offering.

Our WWE chairs have been vastly popular and if this goes well we might eventually do a WWE drop in the near future as well.
What is the width of the area between the armrests? I cannot seem to find reliable measurements on here or on your website.
The width between the armrest is 21.5''
Hi, just need to double check, is the price in USD or CDN dollars? $379.99 USD would end up $500+ CDN
Yes, this is in USD.
Hey everyone! We have worked very hard to improve upon a lot of the feedback we got here. We are also offering our lowest price ever on a Throttle series chair in order to give back to the Massdrop community. Big thanks to Brian for making all this work out. Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!
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The Throttle is bigger/ taller, The height from the seatpan to floor is adjustable from 18''-22'' .
Clutch Chairz
I'm more concerned with the height of the backrest/ headrest. Either way, I've gone ahead and backed the drop, as the height for the chair I tried was a tad short, but not a deal breaker.
I wish Canada had more stuff ship free here!
Tracking ceased for the last five days and it's 7:35PM PST and my package has still not arrived. Any ideas B.Hutch Clutch Chairz because I've been waiting since the day the drop first appeared. I'm worried that canpar might deliver it broken or damaged.
Hi ZGUnlimited, Sorry for the delay! I hope you received the chair from Canpar already. if you need further assistant , Please feel free to reach out to our Canada hotline at 1-844-625-8824.