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Clutch Throttle Series Chairs - USA Only

Clutch Throttle Series Chairs - USA Only

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

He also bought this chair, he had long dreamed about it! The truth when choosing a model of the chair you need to navigate by weight and volume of a person, as well as growth. Here has a convenient tablet for choosing.
@Clutch Chairz Your address shows Los Angeles on your website. i live in the LA area so i stopped by your office to sit in some clutch chairs : 355 S. Lemon Ave STE N Walnut, CA USA .
I found a lawyer office ? or something like that. I was expecting a show room, can you tell me where i can sit in a clutch chair before purchasing. Your WWE chairs by the way are pretty cool.
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Im sorry i did not . This weekend i'll try to get to fry's to test one out. Thanks
We have a huge deal going on the site now. Check it out.
What's the difference between the Alpha, Charlie, and Echo?
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Thanks. I started there. I didn't see anything that described the differences. They look different but all the images are just lined up on the same page, with prices.
Were you able to join the drop?
For people curious about Clutch Chairs from an owner, I have a Clutch Shift series chair I got from an earlier drop. I bloody love it. Compared to my old DXRacer F Series, it's loads more comfortable. The lumbar pillow is the best thing ever, truly. They look like the size would be very offsetting but for how soft they are, they mold right up to the shape of your back, which is good for me since I have minor scoliosis so my oddly curved spine fits the cushion perfectly.
My ONLY gripes would be some small quality control issues. One of the plastic parts that goes over the side of the chair where it would recline had a huge crack in it. Also, on the bottom of the seat the finish on the metal frame was.....very rough and poorly cleaned up. It looked like it had some splatter or something from welding that was just painted over with no sanding or cleaning up at all. While these issues should be noted, they don't affect the function of my chair at all and I love it still.
Clutch, if you better manage these quality issues, I think you would have no problem knocking DXRacer from their throne!
Thank you so much. We have been around for almost a year now and we have learned a lot. We have improved our products and we hope that everyone here takes advantage of this Throttle price we are offering.
Our WWE chairs have been vastly popular and if this goes well we might eventually do a WWE drop in the near future as well.
What is the width of the area between the armrests? I cannot seem to find reliable measurements on here or on your website.
The width between the armrest is 21.5''
Hi, just need to double check, is the price in USD or CDN dollars? $379.99 USD would end up $500+ CDN
Yes, this is in USD.
Hey everyone! We have worked very hard to improve upon a lot of the feedback we got here. We are also offering our lowest price ever on a Throttle series chair in order to give back to the Massdrop community. Big thanks to Brian for making all this work out. Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!
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The Throttle is bigger/ taller, The height from the seatpan to floor is adjustable from 18''-22'' .
Clutch Chairz
I'm more concerned with the height of the backrest/ headrest. Either way, I've gone ahead and backed the drop, as the height for the chair I tried was a tad short, but not a deal breaker.
I wish Canada had more stuff ship free here!
Tracking ceased for the last five days and it's 7:35PM PST and my package has still not arrived. Any ideas @B.Hutch @Clutch Chairz because I've been waiting since the day the drop first appeared. I'm worried that canpar might deliver it broken or damaged.
Hi ZGUnlimited, Sorry for the delay! I hope you received the chair from Canpar already. if you need further assistant , Please feel free to reach out to our Canada hotline at 1-844-625-8824.
Third set is faulty, they contacted me to try it out further and will send all new parts later when they have a new batch if needed.
Any word on when the second batch is going to ship? I was told I would be notified by February 20th.
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Howdy Yall, I have reached out to Clutch on this and they are looking into this. Clutch had set aside an agreed amount of inventory for this drop so that they could ship all units out to the community as quickly as possible. It looks like they had a little trouble with just a few Canadian orders. Clutch has assured me this is a top priority and is being taken care of as quickly as possible. Once I hear more I will update here. Cheers.
Hi Snailzurs,
We have some delay on the new stocks. we are expecting to receive it this Friday. ( Feb 24) We will ship out the second batch as soon as we have the new stock. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience.
Thanks, Clutch Chairz
Just a few weeks in, not good. Frame is bent, washers are bent, there's an annoying squeak when moving at all. Waiting on warranty response.
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They have shipped more replacement parts.
At the end of the day, so long as it is fixed, I'll be happy for both of us. An echoing of future warranty calls.
Still waiting for my transaction to update with a tracking number, but just reading the discussion board and seeing all the instances of damaged parts on arrival with no response from a MD rep or the rep from Clutch Chairz, I'm not exactly excited anymore.
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Same. Not confidence inspiring to say the least.
Hi John, May I ask which email address did you send to? Please let me know your transaction number I will give you an update asap. Thanks, Clutch Chairz
Mine arrived in broken pieces and one of faux bolt can't simply fit the other 4 bolts are fine. Really disappointed, but again you can't blame Massdrop for this because this most likely happened during transit. Just a warning to the buyers who receives it, fully inspect the item so you know if the item is in good condition

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It does matter, you can't see them on the bottom of the wheel base, they are cosmetic after all. On another note, all of my bolts fit except for one as well, it was just a tiny bit too big, so I had to push it in with a piece of flat metal. They are all in now and look good.
Hi John,
I am very sorry to see that. Could you please email your transaction ID to We will send out the replacement parts to you immediately. sorry about the inconvenience.
Clutch Chairz
Hey everyone, I got the chair about 3 or 4 days ago and so far I am very happy with the Clutch Throttle series chair. I did have some broken plastic but it was all cosmetic, and more importantly only on the bottom of the chair, so it really isn't an issue with me. It is almost like the frame is solid, the leather and chair itself are great, but the plastic that covers all the solid pieces are brittle. The other problem is a slight squeaking/creaking/clicking when the chair is locked in an upright position and I lean forward. I think this is more or less normal for any chair that isn't upwards of 700 bucks (especially if you weigh over 225 pounds). The chair itself is very comfortable, I have used it for 6-12 hours each day since I have received it. I do enjoy both pillows, however the lumbar support pillow does seem to almost “vanish” after long use. The memory foam just ends up compressed into the chair, making it feel slightly less supportive then when you first sit down. It is still there and doing its job, just not as noticeable or as good as it was at first. Both of these cons really mean nothing to me, this chair is fantastic, and I am very happy with my second successful purchase on Massdrop.

I ordered two chairs. One of them have: - a side cover broken. - Left side bottom cover is broken. - missing the 4 screws for the base attachment.
How do I ask for a replacement?

Hi Ultimate00,
I am so sorry to see that. could you please email your transaction ID to We will send out the replacement parts to you immediately. sorry for the inconvenience. Clutch Chairz
Also this part came in broken near the tension slider as well as one of the faux button covers not being able to click in as previously mentioned by someone else
Hi Orichalkos, I am so sorry to see that. could you please email your transaction ID to We will send out the replacement parts to you immediately. sorry for the inconvenience. Clutch Chairz
I think you guys might have rushed a bit too fast without doing some quality checks. My gas lift cover came in broken
Final assembly - nice! Love the solid feel and mass, it's 2x a normal office chair. Got it perfectly adjusted, everything is silent.
That looks awesome! :)
OK issue 2...these 'fake bolts' for the base - either they are way undersized or the holes are drilled oversized. They are not secure in the slightest, all they do is flop around and make noise. Pointless anyway, I have no idea who thought that was a good idea. I'll have to glue them in place so they aren't rattling or falling out, or I don't have ugly pointless holes in the base.
Got the chair and very impressed! One minor point - the internal shipping box containing the hardware is not secured well at all and took a hit against the main parts. The plastic base cover is deformed and some of the teeth on the bottom ring are broken off. Cosmetic and I'll never look down there, but for this price it shouldn't have happened.
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.
We are currently working towards a new update system to reduce confusion in the Discussion and in the interim, all future updates on this drop will be sent directly by e-mail. Please verify your email address is correct under your settings so that you receive the latest updates for the group. You can change your settings here:
To read more about the new updates please go here: If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
This is my first high end desk chair .... so did we or I pay too much for something like this ?  $408 bucks is a lot ..... Thought it would be cheaper if we purchased it as a group ?
If you compare it to the competitions biggest offerings it's pretty good price wise
Also upon if memory serves me correctly, it is considered a slightly wider seat or just a bit larger perhaps in the back rest too ?  I'm not a big guy, but more room makes it easier to adjust your seating posture when working and doing stuff at your desk I would think ?
Finally wanted the items that shipped to Canada, thus the only reason I bought since the shipping fee is too high if it comes from US state. First order in massdrop and the chair as well. Hope everything goes smoothly
I have been looking for a new chair and came across this drop. I am very interested in the Throttle Series from Clutch Chairz but this would be my second drop and I am still new to the process. I was wondering how the warranty was handled. On an item that costs this much I want to make sure I am getting what I ordered and if there are any issues I would like to get it fixed/replaced with ease. The manufacturer has a lifetime warranty on the metal frame and a 3 year warranty on parts and upholstery, Is this included in the drop? Sorry if this is a redundant question and thank you.
Neglecting, You will have full customer support from both Massdrop and Clutch Chairz. You will also have the standard warranty that Clutch Chairz has listed on their website. @Clutch Chairz
Thank you, I am excited to join the drop.
I am curious @Clutch Chairz, I currently own a DxRacer F Series and thoroughly enjoy it. It has served me well for around 4 years now but I want to get something different. Something thats a bit bigger and not cloth and was going to go with a DxRacer Iron Series. How would you say this compares to that chair if you know?
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The lumbar cushion on the DXRacer is much smaller and mine over time has lost its support and shape. The Clutch Lumbar support is made of a similar memory foam material that the chair is. Its just a softer density than the seat is. Also the Clutch lumbar support pillow has a natural curve in it the same shape as your back so it is not only extremely comfortable and supportive but also form fitting.
As far as your second question I can only say that it will be "soon" I dont have an exact date nailed down yet but stay tuned as for sure you will see them drop on the site in the very near future.
Awesome, in that case I will wait till I see the Gear series show up here for sure! Thank you Mr. Hutch, I look forward to that drop!
I got mine off their site a few months back and I have to say I am in LOVE!!! This chair has 100% gotten rid of any and all back/neck/butt pain I used to have with my old chair. I ended up going with Clutch after doing research on numerous brands mainly due to their extremely big lumbar support bolster/cushion as that's where I had most of my pain before....
P.S. - I'm not sure I should be admitting this, but I spend more time in my Clutch chair than I do in my bed >_<
Does anyone know if the leather cracks easily after months of usage?
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Great to know, the biggest problem I have with chairs is I want a leather one, and almost all leather chairs are made of PU leather. The quality of PU leather is really hard to tell unless people has used the chair for a long time. It's good to know no problems so far and that's putting a big confidence to my. Thank you!
What are the dimensions of the actual seat? I'm primarily interested in the depth and width of the bottom part of the seat between the bolsters. I could not find this information on Massdrop or your product's website. Thanks in advance.
What are the dimensions of the actual seat? I'm primarily interested in the depth and width of the bottom part of the seat between the bolsters. I could not find this information on Massdrop or your product's website. Thanks in advance.
How long are these chairs expected to last? Support and cushioning-wise.