CNC Aluminum Cherry MX Keychain (2-Pack)search

CNC Aluminum Cherry MX Keychain (2-Pack)

CNC Aluminum Cherry MX Keychain (2-Pack)

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RGB LED Edition.
any hope that they will return ?
if not is there any other place where we can get them ?
Please, please, please bring this drop back again soon.
Any updates on the current drop?
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Still nothing 10 days after expected shipping date. I'm relatively new here and this is only my second drop, is this normal?
They told us there was a delay in the processing so im guessing give it some more time. But yea this is pretty normal, sometimes they're on time sometimes they're not just give em time and it'll arrive
Last time i purchased here on Massdrop i had to pay 35 additional euros of taxes (customs taxes, i live in Italy). Last time, though, i bought a Masterkeys Pro L and i was wondering if i'll have to pay those additional taxes even for something as small as 2 keychains, It wouldn't be worth it if so...
In the UK this would not be subject too import duty due to the low price, but you would need to check the regulations of your country to be certain.
Got mine yesterday. Looks fantastic and I love the case but the switch just straight up falls out if you so much as hold the keychain upside down?
Need this to control my constant need to fiddle with something....please let there be another drop c:
I bought this on the most previous drop. I'm very satisfied with it, and haven't experienced the problems have had with the cord or the switch falling out of its socket
Don't buy unless you replace the string and clasp immediately. I purchased this on a previous drop and it broke within a few days.
If you don' want to wait 2 months for this to ship and don't mind paying an additional $4.00 to account for shipping:

I bought one from KBDFans a little over a month ago, pretty sure it's the exact same thing. Came with the same attachment cord and everything.
Interesting, they also have a special color, "drak blue". Sounds like a color I'd like. /s
Ah yes, the elusive drak blue. Better grab one before they sell out!
Bring these back please, I need another green one after I lost mine. :(

Bonus Pro-Tip: I also had problems with the switch falling out, all you have to do is superglue it and it stays in perfectly.
Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down my spine. Got mine and added the festive keycap. 2spooky4me
I got mine just yesterday from the most recent drop on these. The case is lovely and flawless and is gorgeous in green. I'll admit I was a bit worried about the comments saying that the switch would fall out easily, but I'm either lucky, or this batch was improved from the last ones because I wasn't able to even budge the switch when I pulled a keycap off of it, let alone it falling out of it's own accord. I don't want to test just how firmly in place it is in case the manufacturer decided to start gluing them. Maybe the machining is a bit tighter or more snug to hold the switch more securely.

Very happy with this adorable keyboard geek trinket!