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I know it defeats a lot of the purpose of a nice mechanical keyboard, but can anyone tell me whether they're successfully using this with an IOGEAR KVM via USB?
I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, I’ve had a bunch of keyboards linked up to my IOGEAR kvm with no issues.
The question is more in terms of whether it will be usable to do the software workstation switching... e.g. CTRL+CTRL+#+Enter / SCRL+SCRL+#+Enter to switch to workstation #. I have had several USB keyboards (primarily Logitech, one Microsoft) which would work for typing when connected to the mouse or USB port of the KVM, but wouldn't be recognized on the keyboard port and required that I manually switch between workstations using the physical buttons on the device itself.
This was one of my purchases from Massdrop, about a year or so ago. I am not a touch typist, and have a very heavy press. The membrane "chiclet" keyboards from Microsoft or Logitech usually last me about 6 - 9 months and then the contacts on the most heavily used keys go. This keyboard has been a brick - I can't break it! And the backlit keys are great for when I leave my reading glasses in the other rooom -
Only $5 discount from their website and get it over a month later...
It's a great keyboard ... lovely back lighting ... but be aware ... if you play games much? The ASDW on mine wore out within six months of daily use. The keys are completely rubbed out now. Only six months. Otherwise? Great keyboard ...
I wish they'd do a drop for a full set of replacement keys for the CODE fullsize, many of mine have sections of black chipped off leaving a big white circle next to the letter. Otherwise, I LOVE this keyboard, with CherryMX Blue keys.
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Don't let that dissuade you or others from buying one though. I LOVE my WASD keyboards. Notice that was plural; I own 4. They are excellent. Even with cheap keycaps, I prefer them over nearly everything on the market. If you want a great set of pbt/pom doubleshot shine through keycaps, Vortex makes a set that fits and is fantastic for $30. Also, the stock ones will last long enough. I have a few that are 2+ years old and still look fine. I don't have oily or acidic hands, so that may be why mine last. This is my ~3 year old CODE with some PBT alphas from Amazon and Portal winkeys. My wife claimed it as hers and I'll never get it back. 🤣
Yeah I do want to try one out because people say the build quality is really good
They really should get the ducky pbt keycap mold because that abs just isn't good
Have had mine for about a week now, all I can say is "WOW!" Worth every penny. I've had carpal tunnel in both wrists for several years now, (putting off surgery), a physical therapist friend I know told me to replace my stock Microsoft and Logitech keyboards with a mechanical keyboard that has "the longest key travel and the stiffest resistance you can find". I'm on the keyboard all day long, and at the end of the day my wrists and fingertips aren't tingling like they usually do! Another unforeseen benefit is if I forget my reading glasses in another room (never happens, I keep a pair in every room, it's entropy that causes them to all end up in the same room, lol) the self illuminating LED caps are bright enough so I don't need my readers to see them! GREAT KEYBOARD!
no linear option???
Anyone know if SA keycaps fit okay on this keyboard?
if your caps aren't shine through it would be best just to get the normal WASD fullsize without LEDS, because dasher SA fits great for me on it
The backlight effect that LEDs have even on non shinethrough caps is really nice so I would still get it with LEDs myself
i'm looking forward code keyboard tenkeyless. Does it come out soon?
it's on amazon for $160. I got one for x-mas and it's dope.
I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with a detachable cable for work which is also very silent. I've seen the o-rings actually do not come with it, but which switch should I go with and how quiet is this normally/with o-rings? I'd rather not piss off my boss 1 cubicle over.
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Thanks a ton for your help!
No problem! Good luck in the office! All else fails, get your co-workers interested in mechanical keyboards and blame them for the noise. ;)
Does not come with O-Rings when you purchase through MD
Is there a version with MX clears and no LED?
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Das Prime 13 XMIT 104 Redragon something-or-other that was given to me to try and resolder some switches. Not backlit: Realforce 87U all-55g Unicomp M13 (the modern USB one with Windows keys).
ah nice, you're way more of an expert than I am, I only have the code.
I have the TKL version (mx clear) of this keyboard at home and I'm thinking of picking up one of these for the office. Does anyone have thoughts about the full-size keyboard and how the build quality, flex, or sound differs from the TKL version?
I've owned this keyboard for a few months now and I love it --- it is my first mech and I've used it everyday since May. My thoughts:
1) It "pinged" when I first bought it, and then I did the shelf liner mod. I honestly don't even hear any pinging now, and 99.99% of the time I have music running and wouldn't hear it anyways. If you aren't bottoming out then you don't hear the pinging sound.
2) The ABS keycaps are absolute shit, plain and simple. It is the first (and only) modification I've made to my keyboard in terms of keycaps, and I couldn't be happier. Gateron PBT keycaps are what I'm running and I will very unlikely be convinced to go back to ABS anytime soon.
3) MX clears are the bomb, and I am SO GLAD I went with this switch. Now that I know how my job will be, I plan on buying my next keyboard with a clicky switch, but for my home use, clears are amazing. I find myself typing faster/lighter and not bottoming out as much, without the typing being /too/ loud, though there is still some sound associated with it compared to a rubreh domeh keyboard.
4) I don't bother with O-rings. You don't need them.
5) It is easy to bottom out if you are a heavy typist (I use a MacBook for work so I switch between shitty Mac keyboard and pressing WAY too hard to my mech at home, and it's kinda messing with me). Stick with one keyboard once you get used to it, and you will find yourself not pressing as hard/bottoming out as often.
6) Love how heavy the keyboard is. It doesn't move, period. Only minor issue is the rubber on one of the feet has worn off on the very tip. I have no idea why, as my entire desk is covered with a mousepad (Arozzi Gaming desk if anyone is interested) but that's a minor issue, since the keyboard still doesn't move around.
7) Not a coder, and only a very casual gamer, but the keyboard is great for both IMO. Don't feel myself getting tired after using it for a long time.
8) One important note: I did have a key go bad on me. For some reason, my F3 went bad after about a month or so. Buddy of mine de-soldered the other switch, replaced it with a really nice switch (I forget what, but it's rare from what he told me) and it hasn't given me issues since. I don't ever use F3 so I have no idea what happened, but haven't had any issues since.
Hope this helps anyone looking to buy this keyboard. Seriously, GET IT!!!
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I'll be out of town for the labor day weekend and won't be back till Monday evening. If I get a chance, I'll post pictures then.
If you want to see something sooner, a Google search should show one of the forums from other users who have done this mod (and from who I got the idea).
Has anyone tried Brown Bread or similar sound/vibration damping material? The stuff works wonders when applied to surfaces that resonate sound/vibration. I have used this on metal PC cases, two cars, and a few other projects and it definitely works! Next thing I am going to use it on is a Model M backplate and case bottom.
I have a Code Green that was my first purchase on MD, and really loved it for quite a while before starting to find that the keys were too heavy. I've been contemplating the purchase of the Code Clear for a while now...pros? cons?
Would I want to put O-rings on it, or is the bottom-out weight sufficiently heavy? What's the deal with the pinging someone mentioned below? I love everything but the weight of the green switches on my current board, and haven't experienced any shine on the caps or anything like that.
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thx for the fast reply
Here are the DIP combinations: DIP 123: 110 = RtAlt, 010 = RtWin, 100 = RtCtrl, 111 = off, 000 = Menu; 001 = LtAlt, 101 = LtWin, 011 = LtCtrl
I am currently using 110. You could leave the key caps as they are with all three DIP switches on 1 with the Fn cap serving as the Menu key...and temporarily flip switches 1, 2, or 3 to assign Fn to LtCtrl, LtWin, or RtAlt to change the lighting (or other function) settings. This doesn't require unplugging the keyboard or anything, the changes happen immediately.
is this keyboard worth to get? i've been waiting for this for so long.
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I've been trying to look for a professional-looking, full size board with clears and (at least) a white backlight, so I've been keeping my eye on the Code and waiting for it drop again. Do you know of any boards that would overshadow the Code in those regards? I saw the Ducky One, so that is an option, but not a huge fan of the blue LEDs.
They make a white LED One but it is out of stock on mk .com. It might be available elsewhere
Beware of those keycaps!
While the keyboard itself is of very good build quality I find it very disappointing that the keycaps are of such bad quality.

For a keyboard which is called Code this isn't acceptable after on year of coding...
For the price of this board better keycaps should be installed. SRSLY!
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Sorry, I totally spaced out on this and forgot to update with those pictures. Anyway, here's the images of my (older) Vortex doubleshot set on the Code. In the newer revisions available sometimes here and over on they revised the legend positions so that both of the legends on the keys (on the number row for example) light up properly. Personally I prefer the look of the old caps myself, but you'd probably have to track down a set on eBay these days. Hope this helps!

Awesome! Thanks for delivering!
Also received mine ^_^ Love it! I wander.. will it operate the same when connected to PS/2 vs USB?
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Fn+F12 Cycles the Backlight On/Off
Recieved, did not include o-rings. Otherwise love it! More than I thought that I would
I think Cherry MX is the most overpriced, dead-feeling, boring line of switches still produced to this day. But boy, am I a sucker for Cherry Clears.
I like my clicky switches. Greens are my sweet spot
ALPS or Matias switches for me. I find Cherry's way of achieving clicking sounds is very high pitched, but put some lube in a Blue or a Green and it's pretty decent. Though I'm one of those guys who think it's not a proper keyboard if it can't click right or feel smooth so I generally have negative bias against Cherry haha
Had to compromised for the blues instead of the greens because of shipping costs too high to my country :( . Also, why is the greens are $25 higher here and on WASD it's only $20 higher? just wondering..
I wound up buying my code off of amazon but I wanted to comment on the ping issue. Because my 87 with clears was pinging I also bought a MK disco for the sake of comparison. Additionally, I wound up also buying a second code with browns just to compare. In my experience only the clears pinged. The sound that the keys make was not as satisfying as the disco; however, the code's backlight was vastly superior. The white is truly white and, because the backlight is adjustable, it was not hard to find a level that is visible during the day but also not blinding at night. I decided to keep the code clear because I mostly use it for gaming at home. In that context I don't even notice the ping anymore despite almost not buying the board because of it. I may not have kept the board if my use case was office or generally heavier on typing. Frequency of typing mattered because the ping's resonance builds when you press a lot of keys in succession. Hope someone finds this helpful.
There's no good reason to trust massdrop with your money, unless you want to get scammed but also want to wait for a few months before you realize that you got scammed. Just look at what happened to the Ducky Pocket drop from April!
I've had a ton of great experiences with Massdrop, and not a single scam so far. I can think of a ton of great reasons to trust MD with my money, and the page you posted is only 2 weeks past it's ship date, that's nothing.
Have you ever used Kickstarter? You would shit yourself if you think MD has any problems.
Yeah I've bought a bunch from Massdrop and I've had zero issues.
Slandering a company just do so doesn't do any good.
Sorry for the unrelated topic here but boards with mx clears are none too common. Does anyone have experience with the Vortex G104 with cherry mx clears? Its around 100$ with pbt doubleshots, but cant find any reviews or any opinions on it. Other than a lonely youtube video from two years ago. I am looking for a budget friendly fullsize board with clears
sadly the TKL/60/40-hype is still in effect and 100%/full size boards do not get many attention.
for Europe with €101 at for a full size board with MX clears is pretty good deal, if had not bought a perixx px-5200 with MX browns a few weeks back, I would try the vortex G104 MX clears. I was not sure if I go for MX clears or browns 1-2 months back on a CODE and later the WASD here on MD. but the ping issues stopped me from joining for a board which costs me €140-160 with shipping and VAT.
Why does this keyboard keep dropping ? As many keep pointing out--it has way too many cons to justify the price. If you're going to get a minimal mechanical keyboard you should just get a Ducky, Filco or a Deck.
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Haha, sold!
Best justification I've ever heard.
Got mine with cherry clears in it and this thing pings like a mofo. You can just barely tap a key and you get the sprint/metal backplate vibration/ping/ring sound without even bottoming out. I have had 4 mechanical keyboard with cherry switches in them before and none of them have ever been this loud. Its so loud I can not use it, it drives me nuts and my co-workers.
Anyone else get this issue? This video shows the issue (may need headphones to hear it properly)
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Just got mine, no ping. You probably got a bad model.
The pinging sound is actually an asset. - you get a free bicycle bell - you get a free cash register bell - you get a free pinball machine - you can practice as a keyboardist - you might be the next Mozart - you might be invited to play your national anthem at the next major sports event or national celebration
Less that 2 months before my Bday... I would like to see this drop is live and shipped to my front door few days or on the day of my Bday!
As a CODE owner with clears, I highly recommend this board. Great quality and an understated elegance.
are sound dampeners available?
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Are you sure about that? My Code (from Massdrop) with Clears didn't have any o-ring dampeners, I had to install them myself (not very trivial with Cherry stabilizers)
Don't now about the specifics of this drop. But in general those boards come without dampeners installed. I bought mine a while back in the WASD online shop.