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Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife

Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife


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Hi all,
I'm extending this a couple more days to give it a better chance of becoming successful.
Thanks to those who already joined this drop!
I love Cold Steel stuff and this looks just as amazing, especially those scales, as the rest of their line. If you've never seen it, you should check out the video of their limited run of an amazing Katana they made many years back. Man did they have fun with it! WARNING!! REAL DEAD ANIMAL MEAT INVOLVED BUT NOTHING GORY.
For the size of the blade, that handle is HUGE and very unnecessary. A 5" blade can baton, not chop, and having a handle that you can choke back on, especially when the weight of the knife likely favors the handle, is pointless IMO. The design flaw is strong, and at $140, there are far better knives. 3V is a quality steel... that's about all this thing has going for it. Spend your money on something better and get a knife from the swamp (, or Thank me later.
For anyone looking at this the steel is magical and the coating on the blade is embedded into the steel so it will fade instead of flake or scratching off.
Test(it's the same steel and cold steel knows how to heat treat so I'd say it counts):

Edit:I have unfortunately dropped this order due to the extension of the drop, it was much easier to order a warcraft on amazon and get it today for the same price. My reluctance has led my comments above to be from a spectator's point of view rather than an investor's. I feel my full transparency would be best for the community.
why restrictions?
This really is a good price. I have only seen one other shop that has a price close to this and they are on backorder.
Why the restrictions to other countries like Australia? How do retailers get knives shipped over
any reviews?
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