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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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guys remember the old drops for 46 and somone said he got for 30 elsewhere is the old aus 8 this is cts xhp steel now
Price set aside, which I agree is a problem, if MassDrop is selling knives at retail it defeats the whole point;

The Cold Steel is one of my go to heavy duty folders. And one of my go to recommendations to people who need just a solid utility knife.

It is very light and thin for it's size so it carries very well, and yet dose not feel flimsy at all. For reference one of the photos below is a Code 4 next to a Spyderco PM2 (Orange) and an Al Mar HD Eagle (Blue), you can see it's only a hair thicker than the Eagle and almost a scale thinner than the PM2. Some people say that it is uncomfortable because of it's slimness, but at lest for me that's not an issue.

The CTS-XHP has performed decently well, no complaints there. I will say it seems to be a bit of a dirt magnet, maybe I think that just because I tend to carry it when working labor jobs. But it does benefit from a good cleaning from time to time.

I feel like it's a lil on the high side... am I right?
It's about the same price after shipping. Some places have it for 79 dollars and maybe 84 dollars
The entire point of a MassDrop is to join others in a group buy to save money. Right now the unlock price is $65 and it's that on Amazon for the same knife (and I can actually choose whatever Code-4 model I want - instead of the only 2 choices here (and oddly it says three, I guess someone just copy/pasted an earlier Code-4 MassDrop)). What the hell is the point? If I use Amazon I can pay the SAME price, get the SAME knife (or any other variation of the Code-4) and get it in my hands before this drop even ends - let alone when this drop ships.

What the hell is going on with this website as of late?
Thank you. You saved me a lot of typing by saying exactly what I was thinking. This knife has been on my "acquire" list for a while; I was excited when I saw it was a MD and was about to join the drop when thought, "wait...didn't I just see it on Amazon for that exact price, with free 2 day shipping?"

I don't like having to double-check the price of everything on MD to make sure I'm actually getting a deal. I know knife prices well enough to see a discount from far off, but necessarily not other products.
This drop was definitely worth it 2 drops ago when MD had it for $46 (I was too slow to join the drop then), then following drop was $59, now $69...not worth it so much nowadays...
Yeah also I would love the spear point option.
If only the old price point was here blugh, I burned enough cash at vegas anyhow to start the year.
I'm confused. It's under $65 with free shipping on Amazon - that's quite a bit less, since I thought the buys here were supposed to be less than we could find elsewhere... ? I've been waiting for this knife to drop here again, but not for $5 more plus shipping.
(I just noticed when the quota is met here the price drops to about the same as Amazon, so it's not as poor a deal as I thought, but still more, since Amazon has free shipping.)
Picked up three serrated spear point(love this spear point) @ $30 a pop last October from Woot. I have that price point stuck in my head now. Would not mind picking up a plain edge at half the price charged here.
Massdrop says 3 options. I only see available the tanto and clip point which is more of a Bowie shape . But in the pictures I clearly see a closed Spearpoint. Would definitely buy the spear point if available
Atm the cost is the same as Amazon. I do want to get this knife, maybe next year.
Shipping & handling $ 21,50 ? No thanks, but thanks... Other knives shipped for $4,50 and $6,50...
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It states $3.50 to US addresses
Yeah lucky for you dude...
Woah, excellent shipping! My knife is already in town after less than a day, and I should receive it tomorrow.
As others suggested, I left the knife open at around a 90-degree angle for a few days, and closing it is not a problem.

Out of the box, this knife is very sharp! This is the first knife that I can shave hair with, without even touching the edge after I received it.
I bought this knife the last time it came around. I really love it - but it's bloody well massive. Not an EDC just because of the size for me - but I like to keep it handy around the house for various tasks. Really well made.