Cold Steel G-10 Espada – Limited Editionsearch

Cold Steel G-10 Espada – Limited Edition

Cold Steel G-10 Espada – Limited Edition


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No larges?
Excellent deal for a solid knife. This is probably one of the strongest folder in the market
So I do want to pick this up, but honestly the standard Espada just isn't enough knife for my edc. I need more blade for my day to day usage, such as going to the mall to look at their selection of tac force knives. Any chance we could get the XL instead?
Am I missing something? Been thinking about this one. $69.99 seems like a decent deal for this knife. Cheapest I've seen it is about $80 + shipping elsewhere. Not bad for MD lately. I do like the CS Triad Lock knives.
Do you guys think there would be issues shipping this to Canada?
This look 100% like the Espadas from over sites. Can someone clue me in on how this is a Massdrop edition?????
I'm guessing there was a miscommunication and that's some text they forgot to remove, because this is definitely not exclusive to MD.
Had to be a mix up somewhere, because it took me 10 minutes at Google to find this supposed exclusive grey G10 scaled blade. I have given MD much wiggle room with their drops. I can't on this one, they "dropped" the ball here lol
Same knife is $99 at KnifeCenter.
And the cheapest Espada on their site... LOL
For $107.95 you can get the all black, which I'd prefer.
Amazon has the all black at $84 with Prime
How are you gonna get an espada and not get the XL
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I saw a review somewhere that said the espada xl was an amazing pizza cutter. I had visions of Lynn Thompson going all mall-ninja on a large pepperoni and laughed pretty hard.
Espada: "Espada micro"
Espada XL: "Espada mini"
Cold Steel Special Forces Tactical Shovel: "Espada"
Anybody know anything about the steel?

I'm sure it isn't but this knife looks uncomfortable to hold
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CTS-XHP is an excellent Steel. (Cold Steel is phasing it out due to lack of supply:( Many knife guys love this Steel (me included) and were disappointed CS is changing to S35vn on its more premium models.
S35vn is a fine steel but xhp is better. Takes that razor sharp edge that tool Steels like D2 and M4 take. Holds it for longer than most. Bordering on s90v for edge retention AND it’s not that hard to sharpen. AND CS heat treat is excellent
So get it while you can Or ’make do’ with S35vn....
Can’t comment on the ergos but there will be YouTube reviews of this knife. Cold Steel normally makes comfortable But usually large handles for their knive. (I have 5 models and the ergos are excellent on all).
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