Cold Steel Recon 1 XL Tanto & Clip Point Folderssearch

Cold Steel Recon 1 XL Tanto & Clip Point Folders

Cold Steel Recon 1 XL Tanto & Clip Point Folders

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couldn't believe how large it feels in hand. maybe useful for the zombie apocalypse hah
This can be had on Amazon for cheaper, if you are looking for an EDC the cold steel Recon 1 tanto 4" is what I use every day. The XL is a little too large for the pocket if you ask me. Save some cash, get the 4", I love my Cold Steel Recon 1, shit is built like a tank, super easy to sharpen the carpenter standard XHP steel too.
Too bad only the XL version is offered, it's a bit (just over 1,22 inch) to large according Dutch knife laws.
Ow, and the shipping costs are way too extreme.
So, no joy this time :(
Where can I find the costs for international shipping?
If you click 'join drop' you can see the shipping costs. At this moment you're not committed to buy the item. (And it's easy enough to cancel a drop if you made a mistake, I experienced it myself a few times)
Here is example what it will cost to ship it to the Netherlands.
If you missed this drop, the Cold Steel Recon 1 Clip Point Plain Edge (27TXLCC) is available on Amazon for $96.45 delivered. It is the CTS-XHP version, despite the confusing specs:
Deal is over now.. back to $157 there :( but I got my order in before that :)
Whete is it made?
Taiwan manufacturing.
I have the AUS8 version which I got for a good price. It's very sturdy, you won't be disappointed if you like what you see in the pictures. With this steel it's even better. You could probably decapitate a cow with it. Or just use it for your stealth tactical box-cutting operations.
I've had my Recon 1 for over 6 years now and it has held up great. I'd be grabbing another one now if the half serrated option was available.
The half serrated tanto is what I was looking for. Bummer.
Great Knife. Bad Price.
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Stand corrected on that one. I am my phone right now and will trying to find a competitive price tonight.
My dude that's not the xl version
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Do you mind adding country of origin to the description ?
Individual packages have started to ship! The vendor confirmed earlier that majority of the group's order has been sent out with the rest scheduled for pickup shortly. Once your package is scanned into the courier's system an email will be sent with shipping confirmation and tracking info.

Expect another update from us on 11/11 or sooner if something comes up.

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So, I got mine. And I mean, I'm not a physicist or nothin', but I'm pretty sure it's not a tanto...
I got the same knife. I'm horribly disappointed. I reached out and received a response a week later telling me to hold onto the knife and they will give me more information soon, now a week after that and no information.
Tyler Any idea why we're getting non-tanto versions?