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Just received mine. Full disclosure; I own several (maybe 'several' being an understatement) Cold Steel knives that I have consistently been impressed with. This knife (Cold Steel Swift II), while adequate, fell somewhat short of my expectations. The stability of the Tri-Ad lock is not in question, however, with moderate pressure applied to the g10 handle, there is obvious flex; flex not observed with other CS models sporting a g10 handle (espada, talwar, recon series...). Other minor quibbles include the grippiness (grippy-ness?) of the g10 handle and the responsiveness of the assisted opening mechanism as compared to other knives in this class, such as the Kershaw Blur. I own several blur models (including an s30v model, which, while is slower than the other blur models with less expensive steels is still smoother/faster that the CS Swift II) . Out of the box, the CS Swift II was considerably slower and less responsive (sticky?) than my other assisted opening folders (including Kershaw, Gerber and others). After a couple quick applications of wd-40, the issue was somewhat resolved, however, even after the wd-40 application, the swift II didn't give me that "whoa; that was fast! ... smooth and awesome!" that any of my other Kershaw blur knives exuded.

That said, this is CS's first offering within the assisted opening market and so maybe this CS Swift II is not a fair comparison to something like a Kershaw Blur. The CS Swift II does, after all feature thicker steel and a tri-ad locking mechanism. However, at this price point, I expected fit, finish and wow factor to be at least equivalent to other CS offerings in this price range; in that respect, the CS Swift II fell disappointingly short. :(
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It's a go! The order for the Cold Steel Swift Knives was placed just after the drop came to an end. Now our vendor will be working hard to prepare it for shipment to each of you.

As soon as we receive word from the vendor about the shipping schedule, we will update you all with that information.

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Unfortunately the price is only about $10 less than it would cost me on Amazon with free Prime member two-day shipping (Although Amazon might charge me tax).
That is the huge downside to Massdrop: It takes so very long to get what you ordered.
this is beautiful, but is it worth the cost?
Considering the nicer steel and the 3D milled g10 I'd say so, but that's entirely subjective.
I would like to say knife guy never said he didn't like this knife of Taiwan made items. He's not the OP. He just made the destruction between the diferance between China and Taiwan to the OP as a person who also doesn't like his productions made in China of political and economic reasons so please don't gang up on him.
That spring is intense. Wish I could get this minus the assisted opening.
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I want the swift handle!
It is easy to de-assist but once to do it is a permanent modification unless you buy a new lock spring
Hi folks,
Great news, we were offered a lower price on these from our vendor if we wanted to run them again, so let's give this another shot! Only the lowest drop point this time around.
That great can't wait.
If only it were an assist open! I would be all over this thing!
It IS an assist open knife. Right in the description: "Assisted opener".

I'm going to join myself once it gets closer to the lowest price. Right now, it's not much of a deal.
If I'm not mistaken you can commit to join at the lowest price, and that will add you to the prerequisite for the lowest price. This is ideal if you want the knife, but only at the bottom line.

(As I understand it you'll only be charged if that price is reached)
There is one bladeforum report of a broken lock bar tension spring and a dissasembled picture of the knife showing the modification to the Tri-ad lock and the subsequent weaking of the lockbar spring in combination with the assit spring. it makes me want to wait a year or two before getting one of these so that they can work the bugs out.
Can we get a Cold Steel Code 4 Spear Point please?? Thanks
That's an excellent knife (I have one), and would tell you that it's fairly easy right now to find discounts on the AUS8 models, unless you just need XHP. My AUS8 model has stood up to pretty hard hard use and hasn't had an issue. I highly recommend the knife no matter which steel you get it with!