Cold Steel Talwar 5.5-inch Trailing Point Foldersearch

Cold Steel Talwar 5.5-inch Trailing Point Folder

Cold Steel Talwar 5.5-inch Trailing Point Folder

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I bought one of these for sixty bucks on Woot awhile back. For me, it just feels clunky. Huge handle that flexes due to the length of the G10. I have never carried it. The wave feature works perfectly but the lock is very stiff and does not disengage easily unless you hit it just right. I will admit I do not know if that improves with use since I have not used it much.

I also have the 4" version. Overall, feels much better in the hand but still awkward to carry due to the design(handle shape and texture). By comparison, I carry a Spyderco Resilience pretty often and find that very comfortable even with the slightly larger blade. I can have it open, make a cut and back in my pocket in seconds. The Talwar's tight lock and extremely textured handle probably doubles the time. The Spyderco also happens to fit my hand perfectly and I love the jimping.
Oh, as for the EDC question, I can not imagine carrying this for everyday use. I do not think the 4" works well either. I do like larger knives. They feel better in my hand. So, I carry the Resilience or a Kershaw/Emerson XL or Endura Wave most often. But I used a Blur for years and sometimes still carry it. Also used a Leek and Benchmade Pardue for years. I prefer the larger blades now but would still pick them for EDC over the smaller Talwar.
Have One
I own two of these. One is the original version that was all shiny and more a show than carry knife, slightly different lines on the blade and a ball pommel. The other is the current incarnation, plain edged with a black handle. I agree with a lot of the discussion about the practicality of this knife as an EDC for anything other than combat or self defense. However, every cold steel knife I own has stood up to the test of time and every use I have thrown at it. Their folders have an excellent locking mechanism and have never failed me, either with ease of opening or staying locked. I have minimal martial arts training and am not an experienced fighter, but I had to pull this knife on a mugger several months back. I got the drop on him and had my knife out first, all because of the plate that catches on your pocket opening the blade as you pull it out. That snapping sound of the lock was like music to me. The mugger backed off and it was over. Questions of price, fear factor, and how practical it is as an EDC are all reasonable. But, I prefer this knife over all others in my collection (even though it is not legal to carry in Chicago). Take my opinion with a grain of salt, because I know I am biased from my encounter. But, see the reliability and dependability in this knife. It WILL work when you need it to, no doubts, no questions.
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What was that bit in "Highlander"?
"How do you fight such a monster?"
"With faith, and steel!"

Views on the laws aside, I have made the choice not to carry a handgun. Here in Chicago there is currently a conceal and carry law. You take a class, pay for a license, and can carry a gun ALMOST anywhere. I'm better with a gun than I will ever be with a knife (actually not the typical "Yank") , but I've made the ethical choice not to add to the stupidity of my city or country. Like you, I do not feel that I should be without means to defend myself though. I work nights and take public transportation at dangerous times, my ethical choice may get me killed some day, we shall see.
In the mean time, I trust my life to my Talwar. I would be a fool to think it was perfect for every one, in every situation. But, Cold Steel has my trust.
Best of luck to you, and safe travels.
You to, Bro.
fyi: cs just announced that these are discontinued so get 'em now if you want 'em.
For those saying that made in Taiwan is a problem, consider these two things.
1) Taiwan is not China (though the political situation is far more complicated than that, or this post will allow). I mention this because they receive similar reactions.
2) Foreign made knives are not necessarily of poor build quality. Which country, company, factory, and knife are all considerations. For example, Spyderco's Taichung knives are Taiwanese yet are considered to be top notch production knives (e.g. Slysz Bowie, Positron, Domino).

If your concern is build quality, I recommend researching any company you're considering purchasing from that you haven't had personal experience with, and every knife you buy. If your concern is of a more patriotic nature, i.e. supporting US based knife making, then just remember that good quality unfortunately doesn't always follow.
$21 cheaper on amazon, with prime shipping (so closer to $24 cheaper). Come on Massdrop....
Don't plan on joining the drop as I've had one for several years. This is a great knife but not one for edc. I use mine for camping as it's big enough to split wood (batoning) and even chop down small trees if needed.
You can get the green handled one cheaper elsewhere. I never saw a blue handled one; if it's a type of limited edition, $125 is pretty good. BTW, I have one with the black handle....more for the fun of owning a giant folder than actually edcing it--made in Taiwan but still pretty well made. Also, even though I wouldn't EDC one or carry one for self defense, I think if someone chooses to carry one.....well, it's really their decision not anyone else's.
$105 with free shipping on Amazon.
$119 for the grey one at Knifecenter, $115 at CutleryShoppe. Honestly, if Massdrop can't do it for at least the retail price, why bother trying to have a group buy? This is a great knife by the way, and even at $130 it's a fantastic buy.
I have a couple of these in the older aus8 steel. They are huge just like all cold steel xl offerings. They are not suited for daily cutting tasks, but they are suitable for everyday carry if you can legally do so.
Love the aesthetic, but this knife looks like it may be a little too large to be a practical folder. If i need a knife that big, I'd probably want a fixed blade.
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I agree completely; a gun or baton makes more sense, though I'd rather have a knife for self-defense than absolutely nothing. My point is the Talwar and CS's other large folders do have use in the utility role, they just become somewhat more niche because they overlap with fixed blade territory.

The lock is strong and the construction is solid, so the only issue becomes that it's basically a single pin tang that is also a pivot, with 3 handle surfaces contacting the blade. I'd say it's personal preference whether the Talwar would fulfill a utility purpose in one's life, though for most probably not (the upswept blade doesn't help any either). It is pretty though :P
the reason i carry this is because a fixed blade with 5. 5" blade is too long to fit in a pocket. it's less obvious. i also use this to trim my nails so there's that.
Beautiful knife but did not see country of, please. Thanks guys.
As with 99% of Cold Steel's knives, it's made in Taiwan.
Much appreciated...