Cold Steel Tantos w/Large 3V Bladessearch

Cold Steel Tantos w/Large 3V Blades

Cold Steel Tantos w/Large 3V Blades

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Does anyone know what the HRC is on these 3V blades?
I see this model on Canadian amazon with lower price (considering exchange rate+customs taxes) but it doesn't have any words on the blade. Are they both official or amazon's picture was photoshoped?
On the official site ( it doesn't have words on it either.
It seems that it is specific to Massdrop.
thanks. I forgot to check their website ;)
Is the grip on the Warcraft comfy for large hands?
I have the original Recon Tanto and the grip is comfortable. It is an adjustment because the handle does feel like rubber, but mine is a daily driver and I have had it for almost 8 years.
So they basically added shipping to the new price and put "free shipping" stamp on it. :)

Recon was $119 before
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Non US buyers always paid more in shipping.
Yes I know but by including the shipping cost in the original price it is even worse for us since we pay shipping cost anyway.
I sure hope there will be enough purchasers...
I bought two of the original Recon Tantos when they went on clearance for, if I remember correctly, $47.00 each plus shipping. (This was a LOOOOONG time ago.) Blades were made of 1095 high carbon steel with a powdercoat finish. I've used one of those knives so long and hard I had it refinished in matte black Cerakote. (I know, the refinish cost much more than the original knife, but the point is, the blade is still intact, takes a wicked sharp edge with little effort, and is still 100% serviceable.)

More recently, I bought two Magnum XII Tantos with the CPM steel and the nitrided finishes. They are dope! It would be more accurate to call them wakazashis rather than tantos, but unless you are into Nihon-to, tantos are more recognized. With the proper technique, the cutting power of any of the blades listed is awesome. You can crank on Lynn whatisname and his brownshirt videos all you want, but he understands what these blades were originally designed for and what they do best!
Where are these made?
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I think you mean WHY are these made?
Why? Superb utility knives. Very strong blades.
Are these all full tangs or just the Warcraft?
Wu tangs
Master Tanto changed my attitude about knives. I didn't like large or single blades but am intrigued by tanto blades - so, I got one, anyway.
I use it for a variety of outside tasks and it is a brute.
Beautiful knife even when it's all scratched up from work.

My fave blade, now.
The ad copy on here says the Recon Tanto is "used in various military conflicts around the world, and steadily becoming the preferred fixed-blade option for US SWAT teams". Has anyone here seen any active duty military or swat people be issued these knives?
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Yes - me. Retired now but carried one frequently.
Not true - it’s the Berry amendment and similar legislation that gives preference to US made. “The Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a), requires the Department of Defense (DOD) to give preference in procurement to domestically produced, manufactured, or home-grown products, most notably food, clothing, fabrics, and specialty metals.” SOCOM can buy whatever they need/want. Many US uniform pieces are currently made in China.