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Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Cold Steel Warrior Katana

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Stay on Guard

You may not consider a Katana an essential item, but you never know when you’ll need to plot your revenge against a gang of slithering assassins or protect yourself during a zombie apocalypse. Stay armed and ready for anything with the durable Cold Steel Warrior Katana.

Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Serious as a Samurai

Warriors don’t mess around, and neither do their swords. If you’re looking for a serious sword, the aluminum toy from the thrift store isn’t going to cut it. The Warrior Katana’s fully sharpened 1055 carbon steel blade truly shines when doing what it does best: slicing through any and every thing that stands in its way. For a jaw dropping demonstration of what this blade can do, check out Cold Steel’s Warrior Katana video embedded below.

Cold Steel Warrior Katana

Traditional Fittings

As soon as you pull the sword out of its sleek, black lacquered scabbard, you'll feel the power of Japanese tradition in your hands. Despite Cold Steel’s focus on the design of the blade, they still made sure that the fittings are as traditional as possible. Completed with a beautiful Menuki (the small ornamental sculpture inserted between the ray skin and the wrappings on the handle), a ray skin (Samé) covered handle, and soft silk cord wrapping, you’ll think twice before hiding the Cold Steel Warrior Katana away in a display case.

Cold Steel Warrior KatanaCold Steel Warrior Katana

Cold Steel Warrior Katana Demo


  • Cold Steel
  • 1055 Carbon Steel
  • Black braid & brass Menuki
  • Black lacquered wood scabbard
  • Blade length: 29.25 in (74.2 cm)
  • 11.25 in (28.5 cm) Samé (ray skin) handle
  • Overall length: 40.5 in (1 m)
  • 41.4 oz (1.17 kg)


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Estimated ship date is Sep 9, 2014 PT.

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Recent Activity

Hey man, any word on the sword issue? Knowing what I know about Cold Steel this is surprising - to say the least. The company is well known for producing high quality stuff and, as I understand it, excellent warranty; did you contact them directly or just handle it via Massdrop? While I am certain that they (MD or CS) resolved the faulty product, what really concerns me is that such a result would occur during staggeringly light use! I mean, effing bamboo broke a sword BLADE?!?! ..even one of those shite Chinese jobs would've withstood bamboo...Id EXPECT a Chinese sword to break during use, but even still, I would expect it to break at the handle or to have the hand guard pop off or something - not the blade to break in half - and that is my expectation of cheap import crap?! Moreover, a proper katana is made by layering varying strengths metal on one another which combines to give a malleable inner layer for the edge, and then progressively stronger layers as it goes outward. Since you can see the innards of the sword, are you able to tell whether they are using the traditional method - or some variation thereof - or is this just a mass-production corner cutting hackjob, pushing the product on the perexisting good name of Cold Steel? Based on the demo video I dont think anyone saw this coming. This development definitely gives me pause - I mean, if 15 bamboo stalks is enuff to break this, how is this supposed to withstand the rigors of a zombie apocalypse for christ sake?!!? hahahaha. For real though, this product is marketed and sold as functioning tool, NOT a decorative wallmount. Let us know what you found. Thanks bro.

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