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Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player

Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player

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Celebrated and reviewed as a top-tier affordable digital audio player on Head-Fi, the C3 has inspired thousands of posts of discussion. Now's your chance to hear what all the fuss is for yourself at a compelling price point that can't be beat. 

Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player

Good Things, Tiny Package

Aesthetically pleasing and well-built, the C3 utilizes its TI PCM1770 chip to great effect, bringing you a musical and organic experience that's tough to beat. Fantastic battery life means you'll be good to go for many hours on end before needing a recharge, and compatibility with MP3, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA means no pesky conversions are necessary for common audio formats. The C3 being offered here is the larger 8 GB version, which supports a micro SD card for up to 64 GB of extra memory so you can really flesh out your music library. 

Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player
Colorfly C3 Digital Audio Player


  • Chips: DAC: TI PCM1770
  • Output: 3.5mm PO interface
  • Screen: 0.82 inch OLED screen
  • Data Transfer: USB, support TF card expansion
  • Capacity: 8GB
  • Support audio formats: WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3, WMA
  • Audio Performance: Signal-noise ratio the SNR> 97db
  • Frequency Range: 22Hz-20Khz ± 0.5dbs


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