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Combekk Railway Cast Iron Fry Pan

Where's the price?
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...but this is a work of art and that wooden handle makes it sexy. A $12 Lodge, which I have, not so much. And I'm using mine in the oven too.
  • "Suitable for all heating sources"
  • "Use the pan to bake a cake, sear a filet, roast a chicken"
Soooo does this mean the wooden handle is oven safe? Little confused here based on the comments.
I wonder if it is enameled on the outside alone or if it is enameled on the inside and outside like Staub cast iron is?
Insert $89.99 here:

Okay I laughed pretty hard at this. Um, Hey Massdrop - is Lodge just not cool enough?
Hell, Amazon’s own brand of cast iron is great quality and reasonably priced (probably made by Lodge). It ships free, with two day shipping, and comes “pre-seasoned.” Kind of a no-brainer.
$99 on Amazon now as well so really not a deal...
We worked with the vendor to bring this down a bit lower, new price is $89.99 w/Free US Shipping.
what size is the pan
11 inches from outside edge to outside edge and 10 inches across the inner cooking surface. The handle is 11 inches.

A wooden handle seriously reduces the versatility of this pan... Seriously, who does that. Awful idea on a cast iron pan.
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All well and good... you articulated the finer points of this pan with fine detail. All that magnanimous boasting is for naught though... as the very description of this pan is in contrast to your praise of its features. "Use the pan to bake a cake, sear a filet, roast a chicken..." Please expound on the method by which one may bake a cake or roast a chicken without placing this pan in an oven.
The wood handle is inexcusable. You can't broil anything with this or use the oven. If you want the frying capability, look into wraught iron. I have solidteknics and it's a great addition to my traditional cast iron.
Recycled materials is a nice idea, but for me the biggest appeals of cast iron are 1) cheap and 2) functional. For $120 I'd want every size skillet you make from 4"-12".
I expected it to be cheaper around $50-$70 but damn this is expensive.
$120 a tool that your spouse can use to hit you for spending that much money, good luck buyers.
Winner winner chicken dinner!
Just for having on my wall and being #1 in PUBG for a match. :D
There's an article in Epicurious about cast iron pans. Google "high end cast iron skillet" and you'll find it. Good read.
Looks great. Does anyone know if the wooden handle is modular?
It doesn't seem very practical if not, because I often start on the range and end a dish component (proteins typically) in the oven for a more gentle heat (steaks, chicken, duck, etc.)
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Yeah ... lemme get on that, keeping my oven door open to broil hahaha
Was going to say I don't really see the point of a cast iron pan with a wood handle you can't remove. It takes a versatile style of pan and makes it non-versatile.
Stargazer and Finex make high end cast iron pans, the interiors are smooth and with seasoning, they become non stick, like Teflon, without the nasties. Here is what I did to get the interior of my Lodge pans very similar and it works great. Go to a Lowe’s, or most any hardware store and buy a “3M Paint and Rust Remover“ disk, that is made to fit on the end of your drill bit. In less than ten minutes, you can smooth the inside of your cast iron pan. (Do this outdoors, and wear gloves, because you will have iron dust particles flying out of the pan). Once this is done and the pan is re-seasoned, you will have a non stick finish that will last a lifetime. I can cook scrambled eggs with cheese on my cast iron and it comes out 99% nonstick. Easily cleans with a brush and hot water, then lightly re-season with a thin coating of oil. If someone does eggs frequently, I would suggest a dedicated pan. The pans are cheap enough and it makes cleanups simpler. They stay Teflon-like with minimal effort.
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See that's my issue - I season it really well, it's perfect, then I clean with salt or fire, after use and re-season every time.
Then my wife gets ahold of it. or my friends 'clean' it and don't season it properly. sets me back a few coats at least.
Can we assume you wear both suspenders and a belt to hold your trousers up? Or that buy peel and stick postage stamps, but still lick them just in case? Stop making easy things hard.
But can it stop a bullet?
Honestly, if the bullet hit the cast-iron base, probably ...
@Ares78 as well - no. Look on Youtube, cast iron is too brittle. A bullet goes straight through.
Not a chance at $120. Give me a Lodge for under $25, thanks.
Apparently this is for neckbearded hipsters who ride BMWs and work at steelmills. I can't grow a decent bread to save my life, too old to be a hipster, can't afford a BMW, closest I have been to a stee
lmill was watching "Flashdance". I can find most of my cast iron at Goodwill. So guess I'm out. Usually not this negative but comon' MD. Over $100 for a cast iron frying pan.
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"Finally, a cast iron for people with horse statues in their glass-enclosed patio bar."
I can't decide if this video is completely out of touch, or perfectly in touch, with the target audience.
That $100 price tag on a fry pan makes me think the latter.
Those looking for a high-end cast iron pan should check out Smithey. I use mine 90+% of the time.
Come on, you can go higher end than that!
Personally, my Lodge is getting its butt kicked by an old Wagner I found in a junk shop.
As far as this offering goes, I can't see myself ever buying a cast iron pan that includes wood. Ridiculous.
Finally, isn't that song in the video a ripoff of the Yardbirds?
Absolutely agree. I have one huge lodge pan that is only ~5 years old and I paid actual money for, three others that came from family, and one that I bought rusted up for a dollar in a junk shop. That one I spent a bit of time with on a grinder and then sandblasted, and then it seasoned up nicely. That one is small, just right right size for two eggs and browning a bagel - use it 3 or 4 times a week.
With cast iron, it shouldn't cost much more than it weighs.
wooden handle in the oven? They doesn't sound like the best idea.
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Le Crueset? Me and my with refer to the couple that we have as our "Fine ass French crockery." We don't have any of their cast iron, just backing dishes.
haha, darn autocorrect. Yes, La Crueset. It is nice stuff but the Dutch oven I bought at Ikea functions just as well as our La Crueset, again, just not as pretty. For a while i was buying a ton of old french enamelware from Goodwill, it is getting harder to come across but if you search you can find some good stuff. Now my wife loves it but in the beginning she didn't understand why I needed so many cast iron pieces in a small NYC apartment kitchen. (she never complained when I made her elaborate dinners, so there's that.)
This item is more form than function. I can purchase a $30 lodge from Walmart that would be better suited.
That's made in the USA no less. I suppose this one would be nice if it's shipped free in Europe, for those in Europe anyway.
$120 for a cast iron pan? Yikes.
why the wooden handle...I was looking for a good cast iron but the handle is a deal breaker. Get us a real cast iron, no coating and no wood please.
And wood disintegrates over time under extensive heat and liquid exposure regardless of well you take care of it.
Also arent most cast iron made with recycled metal?
One reason to cook with cast iron is so you put the pan in the oven. This one has a wooden handle so I'll pass.
Any actual advantage to using this pan over a $20 cast iron pan other than hipster status?
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Aye. If it was to be functional, then offer a fitted silicon sleeve for the handle (that can be removed/cleaned/replaced) - then at least it might be worth more than a $30 Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.
Plus the shape is not very conducive to pushing things up on the sides...