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Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs

Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs

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Comfort & Isolation

For musicians and music lovers who want to protect their hearing without holding back at live shows, clubs, or band practice, these Comply™ ear plugs offer a comfortable, reliable solution. Using acoustic baffling and high-pass filters, they cut the intensity of environmental sound across all frequencies without distorting the experience. The noise reduction is rated at 15 decibels, and the T-100 Isolation Series tips—made from soft, breathable memory foam in a round, gently tapered shape—promise a tight seal and secure fit for extended wear. Finally, a handy little tab at the end of the housing makes for easy removal when the house lights go up.

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Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs
Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs
Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs
Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs
Comply™ Foam Ear Plugs


  • Comply™Material: Memory foam
  • Noise-reduction rating: 15 dB


  • 2 pairs of Comply™ T-100 foam tips (size M)
  • Carrying pouch


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