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Cooler Master Cherry MX Switch Tester

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Does this come assembled? These things need to start being specified, Massdrop!
So many drops are unspecified, in terms of assemble. What if I didn't want to place all different kinds of switches, but wanted a macro board?
Nothing against Massdrop since they're not the manufacturer of this, but I honestly don't understand the point of having RGB versions of the same switches in an unlit switch tester. There are plenty of other Cherry brand switch options (MX Blacks, MX Nature White, MX Speed Silver, etc) that could fill out those slots. As it stands you're paying for a nine switch tester that comes with six different switches. Not a terrible deal if you want to source your own switches to try several of the same type at a time, or hand wire this into a macro pad, but there are a lot of other switch testers that currently offer a better value than this.
Agree with your sentiments. In their defense, this includes only switches that CoolerMaster ships with their keyboards.

It is easy to remove the switches and plop in your own. It's also a pretty good value for a plate + chassis to build into a macro switch. I think I have a photo of a disassembled unit from some time ago if you scroll down. Not easy to take apart, but not too hard if you have the right tools.
Got it few days ago.
Not really cool. It come without any notice, so you don't really know the characteristic of each switch.
Plus, some switch are duplicated which is totally stupid for a switch tester.
As a result, it doesn't worth the price.
Quality is good.
Very difficult to remove caps by hand, which is bad for a switch tester where you could think of changing switch more often than on a keyboard.
Layout is also not good for a tester. Maybe a line switch layout would allow a better isolation of the feeling of one specific switch. That square layout is not good for a switch tester and moving switch is a nightmare (see previous point).
I've seen previous comment where the box need to be opened to move switch but no tool is delivered to allow this. I'm not able to do this by hand.
My conclusion : bad realisation of a good idea.

My suggestion : a 5 to 10 switchs square hole in a line, easy to move around and change + a set of 20 switch.
A metal "n design bar" with no back or bottom. From behind, with no tool one can push switch to remove it very easily without tool. Add laminated notice that details all 20 switch characteristics =>that would be a great switch tester.
I am tempted to just hand wire it
Me too. Would make for a very nice looking macropad !
Great looking case and I love that they've included the silent red/pink switch... but the 3 RGB switches are all redundant... soooo stupid.
Hrmm, that is a problem. I'd rather have Black than Silent Pink!.
No Blacks? The heck?
This product links to a 2 year old poll that doesn't even have the listed item included.
Step one: Obtain switch tester.
Step two: Spend money on keyboards.
Why is there no nova touch switches
I am in love with the boxy design of this switch tester. It looks very pleasing to my eye.
Ha, its like the QWERkeys Cherry MX Switch Tester of yesteryear!
Received mine today. First thing I did is to take it apart, of course :) It's a little easier to take apart than the previous incarnation. I'm not sure what's the name of the tool I used, but it's that blue plastic thing. It has a small angled "lip" at the end, and it was fairly easy working it in the gap and prying it slightly till the tabs popped. (Edit: iFixit's store called their version "prying tool").

The switches are easily removed from the plate without opening it up if you just want to pop in different switches in there.

There's less space in the casing compared to the earlier incarnation. I couldn't get a Pro Micro to sit flush in there. I might either trim off part of the Pro Micro to make it a bit thinner, or find another microcontroller board to use.

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Yes, I will keep this forum posted.
keep us posted!
These switches are just tempting me to rig up some circuits and lights to make them complete. *Licks lips
It would be cool if they made a version with a pcb
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That microcontroller is a Pro Micro clone, available from China for about $3 to $4 shipped (depending on where you get it from). The original is made by SparkFun, who sells theirs for about $20. At that price, you might as well buy a Teensy 2.0. It is essentially an Arduino Leonardo in a small form factor and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. I buy mine from AliExpress. Get the 5V version, and do not get a Pro Mini.

Since Arduino already has a keyboard class that does all the heavy USB lifting, I use it to make the Pro Micro appear to be a keyboard when it starts up. After that, I just need to sense keypress, and send that key over USB to the host. You can see my source code here:

I wired one pin of each switch to an input pin, and the other pin to ground.

The code was originally written 2 years ago for an earlier version of the Arduino IDE. It may need some updating. I'll update it when I receive my tester later this week.

By the way, it was a real pain to open up the old case, not sure about this one. I highly recommend getting a spudger set, usually sold as tools for opening up phones - you can get a cheap set for a couple of dollars. You can use screwdrivers, spatula, butter knives, but you risk scratching the case and / or hurting yourself if you're clumsy like me.
Thank you!