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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard

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Does anyone know if/how well the lighting control software works with a Mac?
I'd be all over this if CM still used MX Greens
wait. the poll result is the s, but why the drop is on L???
Yeah, I'd actually buy the S, but have no interest in the L. I wish they would have brought us the poll winner.
I've got the Pro S and the rainbow cycle mode looks amazing with white backlit keycaps.
The LEDs are underneath the switches so the Pro S can't blind you unlike with my MK Disco when viewed from behind.
If you don't mind me asking, waht keycaps are those on your tkl, I've been searching for pbt shine through

They are Ducky keycaps that came on my MK Disco which I transferred to my Pro S.
I just got this keyboard in the crystal limited edition from Cooler Master's website (here ). I still have to get used to the ANSI layout, but I'm pretty pleased by it...

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I receveid the keycaps and I must say I love the result, thanks again for the suggestion

Oh wow those are better than I bought
Can this be controlled via dip switches or Fn commands to move over to a Mac layout? I think I’ve seen notes that indicate the NumLock key doesn’t work for Macs. Can someone confirm?
is it possible to get this one with a Swiss (german or french) ISO layout? does it allow keycap swapping to make it ISO ? (large enter keycap is better for me)
You can get a Masterkeys Pro S (not RGB) in ISO format on CM's shop, or you can find DE layouts ones on

I have no clue why they don't seel more ISO variants in their shop.
Damn man! No dedicated media keys is a dealbreaker for me! I love the idea of a dedicated volume knob or wheel! I need a traditional 104 Key configuration! I realize that you mechanical keyboard gurus will shake your head in disgust But it looks like the das keyboard pro for me, frown!
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FN + Pg up/ Pg Down is volume, and all the other media functions are right in the same area. I used to think the same and quickly realized it's an easy switch to make. You get much better options for what keyboards you can choose if you're not worried about the media keys.
You can do as I did, and get a Sound Blaster Omni that sits on the right (or left) side of the keyboard and a bit forward. Then you can use its volume control just like a Das Keyboard 4.
My wife would really like a mech keyboard and I'd like to get her one for under $150 either for Christmas, Valentine's, or her birthday in early March. I've gathered from skimming a few places that switches come in various colors but have no idea what those colors mean. Could anyone explain that and whatever other basic information they think I should know? Her only requirements are number pad included and the key layout where the \ key is above the enter key like it is on the pictures here.
different switches have different feels and noise levels here is a video explaining it better than I can in a few words
Thank you very much.
Still more than 1 month away to ship... the wait is killing me...
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For me with shipping it is still worth this price, but the wait is just bad....
Are you in Australia? I have one with Cherry Blues that I'd like to sell.