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Where's the price?
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Anybody get the notification from UPS that their shipping label was created for this package? And does that mean anything in terms of actual shipment or does Massdrop just make the labels right after the drop ends?
I just missed it and I want in, is there anything I can do ?
I am really interested to buy that keyboard. But shipping at 17th Jan would be a bit hard for me. Is there any probability to get it before Christmas?
Selling for $100 right now on Amazon, so this is actually a good price.
Why US-only? :(
Barf cherry switches
Shipment to Europe too expensive!
if you are using this keyboard with a Mac, how easy is it to change the colours on each profile on they keyboard? can you set colours on the profiles on PC, then use the same profiles on a mac? how many profiles are there?
Hey. Ive got this keeb for a long time. Yes u can, the lightning is saved to the keyboard once set in software (for all 4 profiles you can do this.) Or can do it in the keeb itself (little less customization, they made this better with their new mk750)
Just went ahead and got my dad to buy this for my $1000+ Gaming PC. This is actually like such a steal and I'm recommending all my friends to go ahead and get this dope af keyboard.
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he's probably a kid, be nice

Equally annoying as I've been in the market for a CoolerMaster Masterkeys Pro S for a project. Oh well!
$47.25 in shipping xD. Didn't know I moved to Mars..
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i got the same figure for UK, and it does not include import taxes. Amazon charge $10 for shipping on the Cooler Master store.. By my calculation it is around £4 cheaper than amazon on here. I suppose beating amazon is commendable, but its a real shame Massdrop have not got their shipping costs under control. Best price I could find in the UK is the massdrop price of $122.24 all in.
I'm so mad at the shipping cost... I was so happy when I see this price and I wanted to buy it immediately.. and then 50 dollars - almost same as the cost of this keyboard - completely disarmed me... What the hell?
I don't have this keyboard, I have the masterkeys M with plain white backlighting and mx reds. I wish I had this keyboard though, such a good deal for $75! CM makes solid keyboards.
Wow, the discount from 160$ to 75$ really makes this keyboard worth it, not fan of the cooler master keys instead of windows, cmd or meta though. I also really hate ANSI and there is no ISO version.
don't bother with this drop. Same keyboard available on amazon for 91$ :/ (and free shipping)
new to mechanical keyboards and looking to buy my first one. Is this a good first choice to build on? If not, could you recommend a good first?
shipping is like 50$ wtf
it come with cheap keycaps
I didn't know these had detachable cables.
Ya I have the Pro S and its a million times better. Full size keyboards are useless, stop saying but I might need the number pad for that one thing. YOU WON'T get a tenkeyless or how Cooler Master calls it Pro S Mech keyboard.
You will love the size and be so happy to actually be able to type straight in front of your computer for a change. Ohh and you get more room for mouse movements while gaming. So glad I got a tenkeyless never getting a full size ever again.
Hope more do the same its so worth it.
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not entirely convinced on the numpad argument. I cannot think of that many reasons you would want to continuously be inputting numbers in to a PC, unless you work as an accountant or bank clerk. I use an Apple magic keyboard without numbers at the moment, and I dont miss them. I am looking for an RGB keyboard though. I think I prefer the smaller size and weight of the tenkeyless. One thing that occurred to me, is the numpad any better for gaming? I noticed there are some spaced out arrow keys on the numpad, are they easier to use on gaming?
Very rarly would i use the numpad in games. In gneeral its just better for anytime you need to input numbers. I didn't have one for along time and though i didn't care. that was tell i got a sperate numpad and omg its a god send.
i dont see bluetooth included?
Why did you think it would. What keyboard needs bluetooth anyway its a stationary object you use to type on.
Ohhh ok I get why lol, well for me it doesn't make sense to have a bluetooth keyboard but I imagine it does for you. Right??Also I know we are able to get a Mech RGB keyboard to be wireless now like as in this month we've seen a few companies release such keyboards recently. But its still quite hard and the battery life is pretty crap overall.
But I wish you luck finding a good quality RGB mech keyboard thats wireless. Cooler Master boards are pretty good quality wise unlike many others.
I don't even remember doing that. I don't like having my own polls sabotaged so it must have been a mistake.
OK, I removed that note from my post. I can't help you with the actual poll, though.
The Pro L with the browns is cheaper on amazon with the same options and faster shipping.
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Your realize you can buy the board and just put in what ever switch you want right??
That would require a lot of desolidering and soldering - not a simple undertaking for most. Not cheap, either.
Not the Pro S... disappointing.
Ya guess Cooler Master has extra Pro L's laying around and need to get rid of them before the MK850 series launches pretty soon. Sucks they will stop making this series in high volume they were one of the best high quality modern RGB mech keyboards :(
Best get a Pro S from Amazon while they are still cheap at $90 US for the Pro S right now.
Good luck finding the one you want.
Does anyone know if/how well the lighting control software works with a Mac?
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From what I can tell by doing some quick research its not super easy to do yourself. But its possible yes just will take you some time as in like 1-2 hrs max.
I'd still buy the Pro S though its one of the best on the market.
Its very easy, you can just use secondary key FN to control them without software.
I'd be all over this if CM still used MX Greens
they have some keeb with greens on their EU shop, maybe u can get it in US too. Afaik, cherry green rgb doesnt exist ;)
wait. the poll result is the s, but why the drop is on L???
Yeah, I'd actually buy the S, but have no interest in the L. I wish they would have brought us the poll winner.
I've got the Pro S and the rainbow cycle mode looks amazing with white backlit keycaps.
The LEDs are underneath the switches so the Pro S can't blind you unlike with my MK Disco when viewed from behind.
If you don't mind me asking, waht keycaps are those on your tkl, I've been searching for pbt shine through
They are Ducky keycaps that came on my MK Disco which I transferred to my Pro S.
I just got this keyboard in the crystal limited edition from Cooler Master's website (here ). I still have to get used to the ANSI layout, but I'm pretty pleased by it...


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Is it difficult to see the key labels? I mean, maybe that's not an issue... that just looks like a shockingly bright 'board 😜
not at all, and you can dim it if needed :)
Can this be controlled via dip switches or Fn commands to move over to a Mac layout? I think I’ve seen notes that indicate the NumLock key doesn’t work for Macs. Can someone confirm?
no dipswitches nor fn mac commands. Dont know bout numlock.
is it possible to get this one with a Swiss (german or french) ISO layout? does it allow keycap swapping to make it ISO ? (large enter keycap is better for me)
You can get a Masterkeys Pro S (not RGB) in ISO format on CM's shop, or you can find DE layouts ones on I have no clue why they don't sell more ISO variants in their shop.
Send CM a mail and theyll put your layout in their shop for u to buy. they did for me atleast.
Damn man! No dedicated media keys is a dealbreaker for me! I love the idea of a dedicated volume knob or wheel! I need a traditional 104 Key configuration! I realize that you mechanical keyboard gurus will shake your head in disgust But it looks like the das keyboard pro for me, frown!
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FN + Pg up/ Pg Down is volume, and all the other media functions are right in the same area. I used to think the same and quickly realized it's an easy switch to make. You get much better options for what keyboards you can choose if you're not worried about the media keys.
You can do as I did, and get a Sound Blaster Omni that sits on the right (or left) side of the keyboard and a bit forward. Then you can use its volume control just like a Das Keyboard 4.