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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L Mechanical Keyboard

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don't bother with this drop. Same keyboard available on amazon for 91$ :/ (and free shipping)
new to mechanical keyboards and looking to buy my first one. Is this a good first choice to build on? If not, could you recommend a good first?
it come with cheap keycaps
I didn't know these had detachable cables.
Ya I have the Pro S and its a million times better. Full size keyboards are useless, stop saying but I might need the number pad for that one thing. YOU WON'T get a tenkeyless or how Cooler Master calls it Pro S Mech keyboard.

You will love the size and be so happy to actually be able to type straight in front of your computer for a change. Ohh and you get more room for mouse movements while gaming. So glad I got a tenkeyless never getting a full size ever again.

Hope more do the same its so worth it.
You must not do work if you think a full size is useless...
I much prefer a TKL or even smaller but saying a full size is useless and you won't need a numpad is complete BS. This sounds like a dumb comment to try and start a stupid TKL vs full size war.
I prefer TKL or smaller for the form factor and I have a numpad on the side as I do use it ALOT.

But for some people a full size works better, Fullsize can be very useful for lots of people, unless you're a 14-year-old who only plays games. But I'm guessing your forgetting that keyboards have more uses than just for gaming.
i dont see bluetooth included?
Why did you think it would. What keyboard needs bluetooth anyway its a stationary object you use to type on.

Ohhh ok I get why lol, well for me it doesn't make sense to have a bluetooth keyboard but I imagine it does for you. Right??Also I know we are able to get a Mech RGB keyboard to be wireless now like as in this month we've seen a few companies release such keyboards recently. But its still quite hard and the battery life is pretty crap overall.

But I wish you luck finding a good quality RGB mech keyboard thats wireless. Cooler Master boards are pretty good quality wise unlike many others.
I don't even remember doing that. I don't like having my own polls sabotaged so it must have been a mistake.
OK, I removed that note from my post. I can't help you with the actual poll, though.
The Pro L with the browns is cheaper on amazon with the same options and faster shipping.
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Your realize you can buy the board and just put in what ever switch you want right??
That would require a lot of desolidering and soldering - not a simple undertaking for most. Not cheap, either.
Not the Pro S... disappointing.
Ya guess Cooler Master has extra Pro L's laying around and need to get rid of them before the MK850 series launches pretty soon. Sucks they will stop making this series in high volume they were one of the best high quality modern RGB mech keyboards :(

Best get a Pro S from Amazon while they are still cheap at $90 US for the Pro S right now.

Good luck finding the one you want.
Does anyone know if/how well the lighting control software works with a Mac?
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From what I can tell by doing some quick research its not super easy to do yourself. But its possible yes just will take you some time as in like 1-2 hrs max.

I'd still buy the Pro S though its one of the best on the market.
Its very easy, you can just use secondary key FN to control them without software.