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Has anyone heard a second update on the shipping time for this?
This will be my first actual Mec-Keyboard. Chose the reds and will be looking for advise on upgrades from the community after June 11th when this thing arrives. What are peoples feelings on sound dampening o-rings? Is it worth getting silent switches instead?
Would this keyboard work with the TEX aluminum TKL case?
I doubt it, but not 100% sure. It fits with Norbauer Novatouch aluminium case
I can't believe these keyboards are sold at this price point. Please ditch Cherry MX and go with Gateron to make them even cheaper and better! (And maybe make the keycaps doubleshot for the money saved like Leopold) I just bought 1x Masterkeys S and 3x Masterkeys L for my local church along with some Logitech mices because I couldn't look at the cheapo peripherals they were using for years. They love it!
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I know Gateron has some shortcomings but I still consider it to be better than Cherry. This is still a mass produced keyboard so you can't put anything fruity into it but something that is available in large quantities.
It depends what you want,
R9 - R10 Zealios switches fixed the wobble and their Tactile bump is really good. However, even with Zealios there is wobble in 1 out of 10 switches.
I use 67g and 78g Zealios. Cherry MX Clears are also good for office environment.
These days I am using Cherry MX Brown-RGB on my K-Type.
can someone help me out and tell me where this stabilizer goes? they are all the same except for one that has a flat bottom. I cleaned my keyboard and didn't realize there was a different one.
I'm just saying.... if you want to ship it a few days early... I won't be mad.
This is my first mass drop purchase. How long does shipping take to the UK? Shipping date says the end of march but I want to ask other people's opinions.
Damn... they finally put the LEDs for caps lock and scroll lock, instead of turning the keys on and off, is this a revision ?
FYI, the blue switch variant has 5 green switches.
TL;DR If you are going to buy for the keycaps, don't.

This is a cool drop, but it is sad that CM has stopped offering the board with Green switches. When they were first developing the board, it was offered with Greens, Blues, Browns, Reds, and Silvers. They stopped production of the greens right before they released them for sale (though not in Europe). I managed to convince them to sell me one anyways, and I love the thing.

It works well, and for most typists blue or brown is good. Though I can confirm that clicky switches will induce hate towards you in other people in a public setting.

The keycaps are this board's one weakness. While they are thick PBT, the legends wear off extremely easily. I got them replaced thinking that my preproduction unit probably just got a bad set, but the replacements also wore out quickly. The first key to go is control, followed by shift. Then some keys like c,x,v, and a become a tinge fainter than the rest. This all happens within the span of a week, and afterwards I've noticed no changes.

Build quality is excellent. I haven't noticed any flex and everything feels like it's sturdy. Be careful not to lose the feet, as they can pop out if pulled in the wrong way (I've almost lost mine). The plate has a tiny bit of ping that isn't too noticible unless you are listening for it. I noticed it only a few weeks into owning the board, and I actually like it

I would highly recommend this board, just not for its keycaps.
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Do you like Greens? I had full-sized CM with MX Greens - they are soooo stiff - had to sell it.
Yeah. Actually greens seem a tad light to me. I play piano so my fingers are adapted to heavy keys
My keyboard melted inside last night. Speedswitch drop from 30 weeks ago. All I did was change the cable.

Also, I would have to regularly reconnect the keyboard on pc startup because USB recognition errors.

Still love kb pls come back keyboard
I think if MD is serious about offering this keyboard they should do a bundle with the Unloved Bastard controller.

This would be a truly unique offering and give people a full customizable keyboard. Keep it under 100USD and you'd have a real winner on your hands.
anyone with experience of durability for this keyboard? thinking of getting one with mx brown.
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What's your opinion of the code keyboard?
"then you can pass." oSrry for the typos. I haven't used code kb