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Cooler Master QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard

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Unfortunately MassDrop got the pricing all wrong on this one.
I posted a comment here a week ago, mentioning the past troubles I've had with my board. The folks at CM reached out to me about it and I got in touch. Apparently, the issues I had with my RMA last May-June have subsequently been resolved. They also took personal responsibility for handling my second RMA and my replacement board is due to arrive Saturday. I appreciate the manner in which they treated me here and the time they took to help mend a past bad experience.

I was not asked to post this. It's simply that I have an update on my earlier comment that I feel may have bearing on people's decision whether or not to pick up this board. Even after my horrific RMA experience last year, I had still rated it 4 stars on Amazon. I think that's a valid rating. I was pointed in the directed of the QuickFire XT as a starter Mechanical Keyboard and that's a pretty fair description of it. Solid board, still love it. Looking forward to putting my Logitech K120 backup keyboard back into storage.
Great keyboard, but not sure why anyone would buy via MD for a $2 savings vs Amazon
I totally agree, this is an amazing keyboard. It's practically a rebranded Filco.

But unfortunately the price isn't that appealing so there's no reason to buy it here over Amazon which will ship immediately (and free if you have prime).
There's no good reason to trust massdrop with your money, unless you want to get scammed but also want to wait for a few months before you realize that you got scammed.
Just look at what happened to the Ducky Pocket drop from April!
Have had this one with blue switches for 2 years now. These are essentially rebadged Filcos which are awesome keyboards. Extremely solid - I just can't understand why CM has a near-constant supply issue with these keyboards.
I think they were phasing them out to shift towards the LED backlit options (which Costar doesn't make a lot of, also their price is very expensive).

Also I'd imagine this is more aimed towards the enthusiasts but the mass consumer would probably prefer disco light LED keyboards. Which is unfortunate because the Rapid/XT models are very solid.
I use the compact, backlit version of this (no T9) and it's quite nice. Still going strong after a year, only downside is one of the LEDs on the backlight went out. Very happy with the purchase.
This board has been my daily driver for about 2 years now, it's been 100% perfect.
Good cable, cherry switches, and it doesn't look too bad either.
The only issue I've had is that some thicker PBT caps need to be filed down before they will fit over the stabilizers, and that's not an issue that exclusive to this board. Highly recommended.
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lol no worries, Blackwidow have Costar style stabilizers. To properly change keycaps on Costar style stabilizers follow this video:

As for the difference, an easy way to find out is to go to your local computer shop and try any Corsair keyboards (they all have Cherry stabilizers) and try pressing on the larger keys (shift, enter, spacebar) then you'll notice as you bottom out, it doesn't have a clean / hard bottom out and instead you'll feel a mushy resistance. So people perform this mod to make it feel better:

Drawback is that on plate mounted keyboard you can't get to those stabilizer stems without desoldering a few switches. Leopold and Vortex are the only 2 companies that come with pre-clipped Cherry stabilizers.

This guy has a nice video explaining the difference between the 2. :)
Use this board at work, which is why Browns make sense (coworkers and all). Use it M-F 0900-1500 and haven't had any issues with it at all. Key layout is a nice normal so finding caps that fit isn't an issue.

one annoyance is that the FN key doesn't open right click in word documents/forum posts for using the keyboard for spelling correction. I have to use the pesky mouse (and learn how to speel).
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It's not common, but I prefer keyboard to a mouse, and being able to use that menu without the use of a mouse is something I do whenever I can.

As it is now, the FN key is only used to operate the media controls with the FN + F5-F12 keys.... far less useful than the menu for my tastes.
Agreed. I found the lack of a menu key on my CoolerMaster board so frustrating that I couldn't use it at work anymore. I use that menu key all the time in visual studio. It seems to me if a manufacturer is going to remove the only copy of a key on a keyboard they should at least make it accessible via key combo. In this case something like FN+Win.
I have one of these, purchased via Amazon in winter 2015, with Brown switches. It's an excellent board and sees use between about 0800 and 2200 every day, except for when the first one suddenly (and for no apparent reason) dropped the "H" key permanently. One moment it worked fine and the next it was gone. The RMA process with Cooler Master took two months from start to finish. They were having unspecified issues at their warehouse that caused every step of the process to be stretched out far longer than indicated.

Unfortunately, my replacement keyboard (which otherwise continues to be excellent and see daily use) is now beginning to drop the "O" key sometimes. I have not submitted an RMA request because Cooler Master's website indicates they are *still* experiencing the same kind of delays with their warehouse. It's been a year and the same problem continues.

I love my keyboard, but am very much not looking forward to losing it for two more months when the "O" key inevitably does drop permanently and I have to send it back again.
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Afternoon Alloyed, if you're still running into board issues, contact us at: and ask for Myke. I'll make sure you're taken care of.
Will do, thanks!
The CM QuickFire boards are very solid. I've had the Rapid TKL version for 4 or 5 years now, daily use. For awhile I was toting it back and forth from work even, and it's never let me down. I've changed the caps on it more times than I can count and never had an issue with switches. Great build in these boards.
Why only brown switches, why not blue. I cannot find this keyboard in stock anywhere with blue switches.
$199.99 MSRP ? What in the world ? Base price is literally 100€ max, don't try to rip us off Massdrop.
Agreed, this board $94.99 on Amazon, or $69.37 for the CherryMX Blue version currently!
Hey there, good eye and thanks for flagging this to us! This was actually a hard key error from our side and all is fixed.
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