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Corbett Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Corbett Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

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I’m leaning more towards Ankers Soundcore 2. Have made a pole to hear your thoughts.
Don’t buy. just don’t. Waiting since last drop, support says nothing. Shipping lost. Get somethin else.
My package stuck in Defraa, DE since july 14, its been 16 days, no changes. Massdrop don’t reply, neither DHL. First drop i tried and i’ll never use massdrop again, horrible customer service. Nobody cares.
Speaker arrived DOA. Emailed support, 4 days later I've got a message that they haven't gotten around to my issue yet. Stellar.
Anyone have issue with the speaker cutting out often???

The S...I haven't tried the mini yet.

It's connected to my MS Surface Pro 4. 1 wall and about 15ft away.
How does it perform compared to jbl flip4?
Just note that the Bluetooth range isn’t super far. Just from what i read online, hope this helps!
Will stereo work with one of each Mini and S model or only two of the same?
yes it will, but not recommended cause the sound pressure from mini and S will be different.
These work great, I especially like the stereo mode. My only issue is that when I use these at bedtime, I can not get the volume low enough. It looks like there may have been an update to address this, but when I updated to the latest firmware, I could not control the volume at all, and some buttons seemed to have alternate functions (like the play/pause button switched to stereo mode). I updated again back to the Nov 2016 version, and I will see how that works.
is it stuck in germany for anyone else?
Mine stuck there since july 14, it’s bee 16 days. What about yours, is it arrived ?
Is the cap that covers the charging ports replaceable? mine accidentally fell off and was lost. thanks
please send your issue to
how is the mini for battery and sound quality. Thinking between this and sony XB10
This or Anker water proof speaker? Thanks!
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Although, the bass is a little bit lacking @>75% volume
Thank you that was very helpful !
I wish they would start offering free shipping to other countries like Canada...
Canadian shipping is always more money than US shipping. Ebay, Amazon, Massdrop, etc. "Free shipping" just means that it is already built into the price. $5 extra is cheap shipping IMO. I don't believe you have to pay any duty unless your bill is over $120, from my experience