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What the heck?! These are $449 directly off the website. (clear lenses).

How is this a deal?? $479-$25 (clear lenses) = $454

it’s actually MORE through Massdrop! What am I missing here?,
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Hi, we don't show that type of image as it is really hard to show in a photo, particularly in a way that demonstrates both the distance and the field size. The key is that you can see as if you were sitting close to the object but from a comfortable posture.

Regarding focal length, the 2" you mention refers to the depth of field. The focal distance is the actual distance from your eye to the object. Once in that sweet spot, you will have the ability to move around a bit, generally a few inches in each direction and still see clearly. That's the depth of field.

Regarding the light, it is a single LED. 5300k. 55,000 hour life. The light is not dimmable and on standard alkalines lasts around 8-10 hours of non-stop use before fading. The key here is that the light is right between your eyes so everything you see is light without shadows, so even when it dims you are still eliminating shadows, which makes a huge difference in detail work as you probably know. If you can see it through the telescopes, the object will always be magnified and lit.

We don't talk a lot about pupillary distance as it often causes some confusion. When we make a set with prescriptions we also pre-set the pupillary distance according to the optometrist's measurement but it can always be tweaked a bit. They can accommodate PDs from the low 50s to the 70s so there shouldn't be an issue there.

Thanks for keeping us on our toes!
Thanks for the thorough response. Yes my mistake...I meant depth of field.
Can I use these to copy test answers from that smart girl three rows over?
Only if she's about 14-16" away! :)
Hubba-hubba; I wish!
I would love to try these but my nose can't stand those nose pads. Do you make them on molded plastic frames that don't have nose pads? It's nuts, but when I wear glasses with pads it starts hurting so much that I have been known to put a tissue between my nose and the pad. I only wear reading glasses so I guess I haven't learned to live with it.
Sorry we missed this comment! Actually, the reason we have a "saddle" style nosepad is that it is MUCH more comfortable. It is from the dental and surgical world, where these kinds of glasses are worn for many, many hours at a time. It is soft silicone that allows the glasses to hang on your nose, not sit on two points. The glasses look a lot heavier than they are. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 888 444 7728. Thanks!
Hi Everyone! A great resource is the FAQ section on our website: and please post any questions and we'll get back to you right away. Thanks!
One common question that comes up on Massdrop: When you purchase via Massdrop, you don't have to have your prescription available--you can still get the savings! When the drop ends, we contact everyone to get their prescriptions and if you wish to get an eye exam first, we'll hold your order until after your appointment. We will even call your optometrist for a copy of your prescription, or you can simply snap a photo of it and email it to us at This is a very common situation so no worries! Let us know if you have any other questions!
Any idea on how these work for people with astygmatism?
Just make sure you send them the correct prescription.
We install your prescription into the frames, so your astigmatism will be corrected prior to the magnification enhancing that corrected vision, so you should see without strain.
So is October 27 the date when they email the coupon codes?
Hi @fazalmajid,
You should have received a call by CraftOptics. If not, please give them a call. They have your information and can get started after they speak with you. 1.888.444.7728
I just got the call today.
i only ever saw this on grey's anatomy worn by a brain surgeon...
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And by me - look at my picture below :P Basically the same thing as a brain surgeon...
Hi Annie i think you forgot to put up your handsome surgeon photo :P
Any chance of international shipping? I could do with a new set of operating loupes. No power required on the lenses. Thanks!
Hi, this special arrangement is for US shipping only. Our website has information on international shipping or call us at 888-444-7728. Thanks!