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Hi all, I'm new here. I made my very first order, it was for this keyboard, apparently shipping was attempted thrice yet I never received it... I checked with my local post office in Singapore and was told now it's on the way back to the seller...
Any kind soul can help me out here? How do i ask for re-shipping... hope the re-shipping cost is somehow absorbed by exception guarantees or at least subsidized... *shudders* thank you in advance for any advice...
I can't seem to find a very active forum to communicate with the design team for this, so hopefully this reaches y'all.
In the software to setup macro keys, from what I've seen it doesn't seem that there is an option to use the macro keys (or any keys for that matter) to launch other software. For example, on my current Steelseriers keyboard I have the macro keys set up to launch Spotify, Word, Excel, etc. Can someone who has this already tell me is that possible and I've just missed it?
If not, this would be a great implementation that would help make make Creative Labs gaming products more competitive.
i forget the software name, but there is a third party one that lets you make keys run command line instructions, applications, executables, etc
When is Soundblaster going to release a keyboard with a USB DAC and a headphone amp built in? You could run it as a split USB cable, like some of the lighted gaming keyboards do, one to carry the pwning and one to carry the Daft Punk Rhythms to Pwn By.

There's enough room in a full size keyboard to put something like this in. SB, I'm suing if you don't credit me when this hits the market next Christmas. And it needs to be a good headamp, not junk, and cheap af on Massdrop.

I am a big fan of Creative Labs products and always have been. They have had some great product releases over the last year. The Vanguard Keyboard has the best RGB LED Lighting I have ever seen on any keyboard. It has an incredibly fast response time with the custom omron digital switches. Also the volume control is a favorite of mine.

If you take a look you will also see some other creative products in the photo like the Katana which is also currently being offered on Massdrop at a crazy price.

Also the creative H7 Headset and Seige Mouse are also part of my current setup.

108.75$ Shipping & Handling to Slovenia, wuut? :P
How will this keyboard be shipped to India? Is it via normal post?
Wanted so badly to join the drop but the shipping cost is too damn high....sad.
Keyboard from Sound Blaster.... no thanks. Non-MX compatible switches... no thanks. Tacky design and cheap build quality... no thanks.

For the price of this thing even at $70 you can get a much better quality keyboard, at $180 you deserve this keyboard if you spend that much on it.
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I have never been anywhere near this keyboard but I use Logitech's Omron Romer-G mechanical keys. They are so much better than any Cherry-MX key I have ever used. Quieter, better actuation, and just overall a great experience. I will admit its going to take some clever marketing for you to come off as a viable *modern* brand, though. I am not trying to be negative, but I did have a similar knee-jerk reaction "A sound blaster keyboard, huh....idk about that". The name doesn't do you any favors either - I thought this was a drop for the sound card I have in my computer at first. 'Creative Labs Vanguard K08' sounds less gimmicky - but I understand wanting to lean on your reputation/brand a bit harder

If you guys want to really hit the market hard, you need to go hard on twitch advertising. Get well-known people actually using the product. Hit up some YouTube tech channels - I do see some videos there, but all the reviewers only have less than 20k views. Nothing that ever would have showed up in my feed.

It would be wonderful to see another true competitor in the gaming peripherals market. Especially one willing to go outside of the box like you did with your keycaps. I am obviously not a marketing specialist, but I just wanted to share my opinion. I really do wish you guys good luck.
You hit the nail right on the head here. There were a few things we absolutely knew when coming to market with the peripherals.

1. There's a TON of competition and a lot of established brands and avid fans of those brands. They will have opinions.

2. Coming to market with a clone of those products made no sense. Why make a clone? Make something different that brings something new to the scene and give another choice. Never hurts to have variety.

3. We wanted it to live up to our rep we've built over 30 years as an innovator in the PC gaming space with our sound. We kept the name Sound Blaster in the name because that's where we're's our heritage. We've learned tons of lessons over the 30 + years we've been at it. So we built it with quality components and a feature set that rivaled the best of the best. We've launched our own SDK for lighting and also are constantly updating and working on drivers / interface to make the experience better.

4. It would take time. The product needs to get into peoples hands so they can experience it for themselves. This is something we ABSOLUTELY know about because AUDIO is something that needs to be experienced to be appreciated...the same goes for how a keyboards switches are going to feel under your fingers..or how a mouse shapes and feels in your hand.

5. We'd take heat from some of the fans of other brands I mentioned in #1. Gamers love to game. They are passionate about their lifestyle. I know..I'm one of them. We're passionate about the products we make as well. So we get where people are coming from.

Thanks bigtime for the input. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. It's great to hear from the community.
Yea I cant buy this if I'm not able to put my own MX Keycaps on it.
So this keyboard has speakers inside it? or is it just a brand name?
brand name
Ah. That's still pretty cool.
Hello Everyone!
The contest thread is now active. If you have purchased the Vanguard & Siege please see this link on how to enter the contest.

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I've loved my mouse and keyboard, but about a month ago, the mouse stopped getting firmware updates even though the software clearly said one was available. Now, today, it died. Given that this is my only mouse, I was wondering if there is any way you could get creative to help with a fast replacement, as using the website on my phone has been entirely unproductive. I'm really disappointed at how quickly this mouse failed given the build quality and parts used. I can't afford to buy a fancy new mouse just for a week or so but need something more than what the nearby Office Depot offers for CAD and other work I do. UPDATE: The RMA process although slow, was very easy, but paying for shipping on an essential product that failed after a couple months of use is frustrating at the very least. It seems to have been a bad memory chip that corrupted the firmware. I can only hope I win the contest to make up for an otherwise unsatisfying experience. If only my luck was as good as their product I would be golden.
Creative has lost my product and refuses to reimburse me. That combined with not seeing a conclusion to the promised contest makes me sufficiently *triggered*. I just wasted $50 on a faulty mouse they lost and 100 on a keyboard I only got so that I would have a chance at the Katana. I am just anout giving up hope at this point
"designed with equal respect to ergonomics, precision, and looks"

Uhhh. The ergonomics literally couldn't be worse. This is a full size keyboard (terrible for your upper back over long periods) with a completely standard layout (fine, but not ergonomic). "Precision"? What does that even mean for a keyboard? And looks....ugggggghhh
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Fingers move naturally vertically, not horizontally.

I use a standard keyboard layout. There's nothing wrong with it for most people. But ask someone with serious finger/hand/wrist issues whether there's any point to ergonomic keyboards. (Spoiler: there is.)
Just because a guy on the Internet says something isn't true doesn't mean it's not.

Most keyboards marketed as "ergonomic" are horseshit. That doesn't change the facts. If you think the typewriter layout just happened randomly upon the most efficient layout without even trying, you're on hard drugs. The typewriter layout was designed to be easily machined, not to be the best typing experience, and is as dated as things in the tech world come.

Ergodox and other split layout keyboards have undeniable advantages that don't come packaged with any disadvantages except a tiny learning curve. There's no room for argument.