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Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 Keyboard

Creative Labs Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 Keyboard

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Mine shipped
What keycap manufacture variant was chosen for this keyboard?
I meant the keycaps themselves, ABS, double-shot, PLA. Omron are the Switch manufacturers.
With Omron switches will "cherry" keys and other accessories fit the keys/keyboard or not?
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I got this board last drop. I can confirm. They will NOT fit.
Thanks for the replies guess I will have to keep waiting for a full size keyboard with wrist rest that has cherry or works with them.
A Creative Sound Blaster keyboard? Wow, this will go great with my Seagate Barracuda sound card and Topre Realforce gaming monitor.
brand loyalty is stupid anyways
Hi all, I'm new here. I made my very first order, it was for this keyboard, apparently shipping was attempted thrice yet I never received it... I checked with my local post office in Singapore and was told now it's on the way back to the seller...
Any kind soul can help me out here? How do i ask for re-shipping... hope the re-shipping cost is somehow absorbed by exception guarantees or at least subsidized... *shudders* thank you in advance for any advice...
I can't seem to find a very active forum to communicate with the design team for this, so hopefully this reaches y'all.
In the software to setup macro keys, from what I've seen it doesn't seem that there is an option to use the macro keys (or any keys for that matter) to launch other software. For example, on my current Steelseriers keyboard I have the macro keys set up to launch Spotify, Word, Excel, etc. Can someone who has this already tell me is that possible and I've just missed it?
If not, this would be a great implementation that would help make make Creative Labs gaming products more competitive.
i forget the software name, but there is a third party one that lets you make keys run command line instructions, applications, executables, etc
you have to use a keycombo like ctrl+g or something like that
When is Soundblaster going to release a keyboard with a USB DAC and a headphone amp built in? You could run it as a split USB cable, like some of the lighted gaming keyboards do, one to carry the pwning and one to carry the Daft Punk Rhythms to Pwn By.

There's enough room in a full size keyboard to put something like this in. SB, I'm suing if you don't credit me when this hits the market next Christmas. And it needs to be a good headamp, not junk, and cheap af on Massdrop.

I am a big fan of Creative Labs products and always have been. They have had some great product releases over the last year. The Vanguard Keyboard has the best RGB LED Lighting I have ever seen on any keyboard. It has an incredibly fast response time with the custom omron digital switches. Also the volume control is a favorite of mine.

If you take a look you will also see some other creative products in the photo like the Katana which is also currently being offered on Massdrop at a crazy price.

Also the creative H7 Headset and Seige Mouse are also part of my current setup.

Is there fan under your table on the left side?
in the link to the katana you posted there is literally a picture of the office from the photos you posted here. I'm guessing you have a vested interest in Creative.

I have a few creative products and I feel like they are "meh" at best. My external Creative Soundblaster K3+ is trash. Ive tried a few of creative's headphone amps and USB headphones for gaming and all of them are trash as well. Specifically each product presented with a 120Hz ground loop on a bare laptop, PS4 and iphone under multiple powersources.

Im not saying anything about this keyboard specifically but when I see Creative in 2018 I run the other way.

As for the keyboard, the proprietary switches and clunky software for programming keys makes this board much harder to customize than other offerings on massdrop. The RGB options dwarf in comparisson to those offered on Vortex or Ducky boards. Finally its Creative which is a soundcard company. So in general this keyboard is a bit like a "Google Toaster". While Google (arguably) a great search engine it's greatness does not translate to unrelated products.
108.75$ Shipping & Handling to Slovenia, wuut? :P
How will this keyboard be shipped to India? Is it via normal post?
Wanted so badly to join the drop but the shipping cost is too damn high....sad.