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mine crapped out today after less than a month. they won’t turn on and apparently can’t hold a charge. i actually liked these too. they haven’t been dropped, mishandled or exposed to water - bummer
Yoga girl! 😍😘
I've never had luck with inner ear buds. I tried these because I wanted some sport Bluetooth. Unfortunately, I hate them so much. Probably not the headphones fault. They seem well made. I hate hate hate buds and don't know how anyone uses them. They don't stay in my ears, they don't have good sound unless I push them in so far it hurts. Fall out every thirty seconds.
This would seem to indicate the tips are the wrong size for your ears--probably too big. A smaller set of tips would allow you to insert them farther into your ear (for the proper seal)--without hurting you. If the tip doesn't seal properly, you won't get the isolation effect and the sound will be terrible--this is true of all in-ear systems. When you find the right combination of fit and seal, you'll feel better about them.

I'm not a fan of IEMs or earbuds in general, but I am a big fan of wireless music and a bigger fan of not having to listening to noises/people I don't want to hear, in the various environments I may find myself in (by choice or otherwise). In those instances, I am grateful to have a couple of good options for blocking out unwanted sound. For convenience, sound quality and battery life, you can't beat LGs line of Bluetooth headphones (neckband with short wired ear buds), quick to deploy, decent isolation, good for phone calls as well and fairly cheap to purchase. Great for shopping at Walmart. I also have a set of Apple AirPods--can't beat those for light weight comfort (I forget I have 'em in). The sound is actually pretty good and if you pair them with an iPhone or Apple watch, there are lots of ways to control them. They're a little on the expensive side and could be very easy to lose (so far so good, knock on wood) but the battery life is nothing short of amazing (due to the charger pack you cary them in).

None of these are going to beat a good set of cans when it comes to sound reproduction and sound quality, but they serve a purpose when needed. And all of them go against the advice my father gave me as a young child when he warned, in a very serious tone: "never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear."
Are these different from the one's on Amazon? Considering they are priced the same..
i suggest to boikot Massdrop because allmost all items only for US!
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it's because of the battery in these, making it a hazardous item and much more expensive to ship. there's other things available internationally.
I want them so bad...but it's too bad also that they are only shipped to US! :(
Got these last week, and absolutely love them. I am an audio fanatic and these sound amazing, fit really well in my ears and are all around great. 10 out of 10! Thanks, Massdrop!
Just got mine in the mail. Charged overnight and trying to use today at work. Connects and plays fine for a few minutes, then starts to disconnect. Reconnects multiple times in my ear but not on my phone. Turned off completely and tried again, same results. Any suggestions?
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That does suck. You might have a defective pair. I’d return them maybe get some new ones... sorry & good luck!
My pixel xl does this with pretty much every Bluetooth head set. Very frustrating.. jay bird x2 x3, Bose qc35 ii, beats. I found that keeping the phone on the side of the Bluetooth receiver maintains connection the longest.
is it in any way possible to make this drop international ? I would consider paying more for shipping if that is the issue. And I don't want to work with po boxes or whatever for 40$. the price for a po box is over 200.
I didnt notice it was not international. I purchased a pair and now have to see what the situation is- i got a reciept saying i bought a pair.
I love these. Got em off massdrop a year ago for 50$ and they were worth every penny. The sound is surprisingly good, they're comfortable, great battery life. The only complaint I have is the clip that holds the cable on the back of your neck, it allows the cable to become off centered and hang to one side and then the clip broke after about 8 months. It's not really necessary to use the headphones but it would be nice to have one that securely holds the cable on the back of your neck. At 40$ I'm buying another pair!
Hey! Do you maybe know about how far away you can be from your device before the bluetooth starts to fail?
Surprisingly far. I've gotten signal across the house. It's farther than I have ever needed them to work.
Is DAT ASS included in the drop? How much extra? Does it support my 1/4 inch connection?
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I have adapters :)