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CRKT Deviation Tanto Blade Flipper

CRKT Deviation Tanto Blade Flipper

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The reason I purchased this knife is the visual appeal of the angular symmetry. Previous comments are correct about the 90 degree handle does not fair well holding the piece. The price was low enough for me to purchase this knife for the men in my wedding party. I do not use this as an EDC but it takes a spot on my work desk as an opener. Previous comments state that this is an ugly knife but to each their own, I do not disparage ones opinion. I put much suspect to a knife that opens perfectly out of the box, this one works itself in after some usage. BTW all the guy's in my wedding party loved their gift as a knife.

And that's all I've got to say about that
You're ugly!
I know that!!!
That's why I can say with absolute authority that this knife is UGLY ūüßź
If I've said it once, I'll say it again, they make this in VG-10 or D2 and I'd buy it immediately.
bought this in May, still hasn't shipped and says expected to ship in November. you want this knife in any kind of hurry buy it somewhere else..
very sharp and beautiful product would definitely suggest to anyone who wants a solid knife
great knife but needs more attention before delivery. I sliced my thumb a good half inch across on the corner of the body metal after sticking my hand into my
pocket. Had to sand down the edges of the metal myself. Otherwise great knife.
Yea, that was the one thing I noticed first touch. I haven't touched it since, but I will. I wanna hit those edges with a dremel with one those Afro lookin sand/buff wheel/brush lookin things, the softest grit one should be perfect. Other than that it is a beautifully unique knife. Flip function is a little tight but that will smooth itself out in time. Sorry bout your thumb my friend. Scars that build character don't always happen in battle. > Sounds good don't it, lmao!
Nice knife but the edges on the handle are a bit sharp. Nothing a dremel and a buffing tip can't handle. Other than that it a very unique little flipper.

Just recieved it. Love this knife. I paid same here as Amazon, so no biggy (of course cudda had it sooner :) ). And yea, NOT an EDC but it IS a splendid hunk'o metal !
If you're Canadian you can get this cheaper (at least including shipping) elsewhere. Try it's even on sale right now. That's where i got it.
This same knife sells for $37.95 at Walmart.
CRKT Deviation - the OFFICIAL knife of Star Trek 47... comes with limited edition ‚ÄėSpok‚Äô Bobble head.
13$ to Germany while the WE Falcon is only 3.65$, how come?
Then follows tax and VAT because MD must/has to/wants to/enjoys to declare the correct value.

Anything ordered from China is declared as gift under 20$, no need to even mention it to the seller.
MD functions as an extended arm of the IRS.

Value created is entirely outside of USA or Germany (except the postal domestic transport maybe), why must we donate from already taxed income to the governments?!
Massdrop is doing the right thing by declaring the proper value. Why would you expect them to try and circumvent tax laws in the country they reside in?
CRKT Deviation: For the time when you're cast as an extra in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and have to open a package on screen
When I received mine, I was surprised by two things, first, the mirror polish on part of the blade, which I'd rather be on the center than the edge so the aesthetics last, and more importantly, not only was the grip less sharp than I expected, it fit the hand a lot better than I expected.