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CRKT Dew Hara Raikiri Liner Lock Knife

CRKT Dew Hara Raikiri Liner Lock Knife

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I have a question for those that have more than one of these “field strip technology“ models (and there seems to be a half-dozen of these knives): Are blades interchangeable between handles? If it meant that I could put the blade I like on the handle I like, that would be an awesome feature. Anyone try this?
I don't know that it won't work, but I would assume it doesn't.
How often would you take a knife apart in the field...? If you don’t (or use fixed blades in the field as I do) then it’s kind of a gimmick, really. However, with the Hara/Marfione(lol!) design, at $49 it looks kinda cool—even if you don’t want to deconstruct it.
I dig the design. The blade definetely has a STRONG resemblance to the Sigil, but I still really like the design. I have the Homefront EDC and I dig the knife, the field strip technology works well, and it has the same bladesteel. Haven’t had any issues, seems to cut well and I can resist pen it easily, and takes a pretty sharp edge. Let’s get to 15 so we can get this knife at a pretty darn cheap price!
Really nice design. Size (I work in an office) and materials will likely keep me from buying it, but it should sell well.
Agreed. Great design but it's biiig
I'm assuming this doesn't have bearings? Don't think the design can accomodate it but the action looked pretty smooth in the vid
Field strip models have teflon washers.
4116 is pretty terrible steel, isn't it?

Why is CRKT so scared of good materials?
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Depends on the heat treat and quench. It isn’t the greatest but will hold a decent edge...kinda like AUS8
They don't have production facilities. They have offices. Everything is outsourced. CRKT is just the store front selling marked up knives under an American facade. Not that they claim anything is American made.

Only buy CRKT when you are really in love with the design. I want the HVAS, but I don't think it is worth the field strip gimmick mark up.
More than a little bit inspired by the Marfione Sigil
Is this made in China?
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Given that it's CRKT, it's almost certainly one you wont mind losing on the hiking trail. I've never seen one of their knives be anything more than "OK, I guess"
There’s a Columbia River in China...? Who knew...? ;) that a fidget spinner on the back? ....

I feel wrong for wanting this knife so bad..

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Thanks for the info's on that! Yeah, 'field strip' tech. Whatever ya'll want to call putting a fidget toy on the back of a knife ;)

Really is a cool feature though.
Haha, you're welcome. Spin on!
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