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CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe

CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe

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Viking-Style Tactical Axe

With more than 40 years of experience handling weapons and tools, renowned blacksmith and Vietnam veteran Elmer Roush has teamed up with CRKT to make the Freyr outdoor axe. Named after the Norse god of prosperity, the Freyr can be used as a field axe, an emergency weapon, or a handy tool in the line of duty. Its 4.5-inch blade is fashioned from 1055 carbon steel that’s been given a passivation treatment for corrosion resistance. The extended beard provides room for your hand to sit behind for detailed cuts. The handle, made from Tennessee hickory, has an ergonomic shape for a comfy feel without being unwieldy. Finally, at just 16 inches, the axe is compact enough to be lashed to a pack or belt loop for convenience.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of shipping knives internationally, we can only ship this product to select countries. It is the responsibility of the buyer to know and comply with all importation regulations and local laws. Click here for additional information. 

CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe
CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe
CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe
CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe


  • CRKT
  • Blade material: 1055 carbon steel
  • Blade finish: Magnesium phosphate coating
  • Handle material: Tennessee hickory wood
  • Blade thickness: 1.2 in (3.1 cm)
  • Blade length: 4.5 (11.5 cm)
  • Total length: 16 in (40.6 cm)
  • Weight: 1 lb 12.7 oz (813 g)


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