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Also, spend a bit more money(like $5-10) and you are in the territory of much higher quality knives from Steel Will, Tangram(Kizer), Tuya, Real Steel, Ruike, Bestech etc.. Again, CRKT is generally not a good buy
Shop around, you can get it as low as $30 free shipping on Amazon. CRKT are generally not a good buy here.
I'm in Canada, so would I be able to get this over here?
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There is only two reason to have a lock. One is to lock in place so that it will not fold back and cut your finger , two is to hold in place so that you will not accidentally open and cut your finger.
Hi Jeff, this knife has a frame lock. I think you'll struggle to get this across the border. Sorry!
I bought a pre-flipper version of one of these back in the 90s. I considered it too fat to EDC even in jeans and gave it to a friend. He loved it though, so YMMV.
I carried this updated M16 on duty for all the jobs I didn’t want to trash my fixed blade on. It stood up to the abuse quite well, and the simplicity of the design makes it resilient and easy to maintain. This isn’t a show piece or a heirloom knife, it’s a hard use knife that you won’t mind using hard. Great job by CRKT!
I'd be in if MassDrop had the brown version.
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I see what you mean. That is not really the same knife though. It has worse steel, worse lock and has scales. Which is also worse. If you want to sacrifice all that for colour, that's up to you I guess.
Thanks for the input.
I purchased this knife a long while ago... I still have it... sitting in drawer, because I consider it a pretty terrible knife.
This knife is new for 2018. Some of the older M16’s were pretty shintsy, particularly the smaller ones. These should be a step up in quality.
Hi, may I know how long will the delivery be within USA once item was shipped on the 11th?
Hey. Sad it's +13$ shipping to EU on a 35$ knife, i would have bought 2, maybe 3... :/
I've got one of the old liner locks with the partial serration. Good knife, no problems except I've learned I really don't like trying to Sharon serrated blades.
What makes it tactical? The fact that the blade does is not partially cerrated, which it should be, or the fact that it's handles are terrible for wet hand application? Or maybe it's the cheap price, questionable quality, cheap Chinese steel or something else that I'm not aware of? You can call it "magical" or even "apocalyptical", it's still a cheap, crappy knife that only looks menacing but, in reality, it's just a bark with zero bite.
Actually, 12C27 is Sandvik steel, which is pretty good. Certainly a step up from the AUS-8 that CRKT usually use. I'd say that it is a upper mid range steel as opposed to lower range steel in previous M16 range.

As in terms of being tactical or not I suppose that is quite subjective. I wrote a little thing on the tactical thread here:

Applying these criteria to these CRKT M16's, I'd say they are indeed tactical knives, as a certain amount of disposability goes hand in hand with a hard use knife and easy maintenance in austere conditions is more important than high performance materials that require special tools to maintain etc.

The smooth grip might be a bit of an issue, but if you use these knives as intended, you'd be wearing gloves as well and the grip pattern may work very well with that. I'd have to test it to comment further.

Note, this is meant to be used in (for example) a desert, to open tins when you lost your tin can opener, pry open ammo crates, hack away at ropes, use as a screwdriver for your equipment, cut electrical wire, pry out pins in your dirty rifle and maybe, just maybe, if all your other weapons have broken, you'll use it to assault someone. It is not meant to be an EDC showpiece that you take out to open boxes and impress your mates with it's tight tolerances and high tech steel which you stropped razor sharp.
The spear point description needs to be fixed if I’m reading it right. Looks like the reinforced Tanto description got mixed in.
These are decent budget knives and the frame lock may be an interesting change. The blade steel is adequate, but clearly budget oriented. I do not like the smooth scales and I could only use mine with some traction tape. Otherwise, the smooth scales are just too slippery. I also replaced the plastic bushings with phosphor bronze, but the plastic one are good enough for most users.
What does the last section of the model number signify? I have a - 10ks which looks like this. Odd thing is I bought it at Cabelas (known to not be a bargain store) for $24.95. Is this a better quality steel? Unless I’m missing something this doesn’t seem like a drop to be excited about. It’s a great knife and my everyday carry.
Your Cabela's model probably has 8Cr13MoV, yeah? 12C27 is a Sandvik steel and I dont know how the two "objectively" compare, but th examples I've used of blades made with the 12C27 have been definitely superior to 8Cr13MoV, esŕp CRKT 8Cr steel. For whatever reason, their blades always feel too thick to me, and I never can get them sharpened to a really keen edge as I prefer. Conversely, 12C27 is easy to get super sharp. It doesnt hold an edge particularlywell, but then again neither does 8Cr. Overall I like it very much--budget price for mid-level performance.

But ill never buy another M-16 from CRKT of any blade steel. Their basic frame-lock model is the only folder ive ever had whose lock failed on me. Going on about 1 yrs time it wore down until one day it slipped completely under pressure. Never seen that before or since, and there are a million varieties of budget folders, i feel no urge to give a second chance.
Hey Hatuletoh, I'd be interested to know the model number of the CRKT frame lock that you had fail on you. Just for my curiosity, thanks!