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Crystal Pro Hi Sound Audio Headphones

Crystal Pro Hi Sound Audio Headphones

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Surprising Sound, Even Better Price

This is the HiSoundAudio Crystal IEM an impressive budget IEM with strong bass and clear highs. The Crystal's sound is very similar to other IEMs we've heard from HiSoundAudio, very bassy starting with low cello notes and continuing down to kick drums. This IEM has a bit more focus on the highs than other HiSound products we've heard. Guitar solos demand your attention and violins are piercing in the best way possible. All in, nice V shaped sound signature with a good emphasis on highs. Great for distraction during a commute and isolation when you're trying to study.

Crystal Pro Hi Sound Audio Headphones

Solid Build

The Crystal IEMs feature strong cable sheathing and very solid metal housing (think Klipsch X10). HiSoundAudio opted for traditional, non-discript, black cylindrical cables in this model. A refreshing change from some of the flashier IEMs we've seen recently. With reinforced cable joints and minimal weight, these will easily last through months of active use.

Crystal Pro Hi Sound Audio Headphones


Isolation is an important criteria for portable headphones, no getting around it. Good thing the Crystal seals just as well as the WooDuo we were so excited about last time. Seal quality is determined largely by the size and type of tips you use. Good thing HiSound includes every conceivable tip combination in the Crystal packaging. You get double flange, triple flange, single flange, all in large, medium, and small. We're confident you'll be able to find the perfect fit with options like those.

Crystal Pro Hi Sound Audio Headphones


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