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How much were these?
I know this post is old but if you want a real answer they were 400 bucks +30 if you wanted multiple colors, then add on the cost of an audiologist visit.
Yahoo! I have my impressions just waiting to be shipped. Today is a good day.
These have really gotten amazing reviews and just sound incredible. I'm definitely hoping this drop makes it.
Me too. C’mon people!
Here's a link to the information page https://cleartunemonitors.com/product_detail/40/CT-400-Pro/
I hope this drop makes it. I'm really looking forward to these.
If anyone wants these and is willing to get them remolded I'm willing to sell them cheaper then what they were on here and I barely ever used them.

Just never found the time on the go to justify them.
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still available? please email me at liow1983@gmail.com.
Sorry but no they aren't. I sold them on headfi a good while ago.
Received mine, after draggin my feet to get the impressions done. Manufacturing and shipping was faster than promised. I have been using these babies for a couple days and I am very happy. Fit is snug and comfortable, sound is better than I expected! Separations is awesome, soundstage impressive, lows are fabulous, mids are a little boxed in at the low end, and overall it is a tad bright. But these are not burned in, so I expect it to only get better. I am used to my Audeze LCD-2's, and Westone R4's. Build is beautiful; all black with no graphics, love it!
I'm not thrilled with the fit, and before going to CTM, I'd like to compare with others a bit.

1. Sliding Out. When I put them in so they're comfortable and flush with my outer ear, even if I carefully break the seal while they're in deep, to make sure there's no air-pressure difference, and even when I'm careful not to move my jaw at all, they slide out a few millimeters. It doesn't break the seal, but it's uncomfortable and, subjectively, some audio clarity seems to be lost.

I think this could probably be fixed by making them extend further into my (unusually straight) ear canals. Actually my first thought upon seeing them was that the didn't go nearly as deep as I expected (like an _inch_ less than my impressions)

2. Flushness. There's no way I could lie down on my side with these, which is something I'd hoped for. I'm guessing there's not much they can do about this, but I'd be interested in others' impressions (no pun intended).

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Thanks for the reply McLonald! From my picture, would you say mine go about as deep as yours?
I would definitely say mine go deeper, but I have a very clear 2nd bend in my ear canal. There's no harm in contacting CTM customer service, they're super nice and responsive. I was about ready to ship mine back for a refit, but ultimately decided against it (and now my 30 days is up.)
why is it that I'm getting like a white noise sound out of these CIEM's with 1000+ dollar equipment but not a phone haha? I mean I don't see a single weakness in my setup that would be causing it. Maybe I need a lot lower power device. Idk never had CIEMS before
Check how much output impedance your amp has. Any tubes in your chain?
Sold them a long time ago my friend but thanks for trying to help.
Guess I'm the unlucky one, the right earpiece is noticeably larger than then left and doesn't sit flush with my ear (though from what I can tell the seal is good.) time to contact CTM support... *sigh*
Sorry to hear that! My right shell is subtly bulging with a good seal as well. However, the overall build is slightly larger than my old TF10 reshell i got about 4 years back. I could probably live with the slightly un-flushed position since I rarely lie down on my sides with them in my ears. One thing to note was that the cables on these are really great but i tried fitting my old TwAg from whiplash audio into the recessed socket but the pinholes were just ever so slightly smaller hence i couldn't use it with the CT400 , bummer!
All that excitement ruined lol. Good luck getting them fixed. But I would make sure you just might need to get used to them