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Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife

Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife

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8 Inches of Japanese Steel

From chef and author Curtis Stone, this 8-inch chef’s knife is the perfect size to slice up veggies, trim fat off meat, and chop up herbs. It’s made from three-layer Japanese steel with a VG-10 core—a Japanese steel known for its edge retention and resistance to corrosion. The handle is made from FDA-approved micarta that’s ergonomically shaped for a natural feel in the hand. Designed to guide your thumb and forefinger to either side of the blade, the bolster provides maximum control and a sure grip. The hammered finish serves as an aesthetic treat, as well as a way to help food slide off the blade.

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Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife
Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife
Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife
Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife
Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife
Stone Series 8" Chef's Knife


  • Curtis Stone
  • Blade: 3-layer Japanese steel with a VG-10 core
  • Handle: FDA-approved canvas micarta
  • Stainless steel rivets
  • Hammered finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • HRC: 61
  • Blade edge: 15º
  • Hand-wash with lukewarm water and mild soap, then dry immediately
  • Blade length: 8 in (20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 8.2 oz (232.5 g)


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Recent Activity

I wanted to (quickly?) review this knife, in case there was another drop in the future: In essence, it is definitely a 5 out of 5 star tool in the kitchen. I've had it for about a month now and it has already had a serious impact on my cooking effectiveness. I would highly recommend it. Pros: -It feels *really* good in the hand. You're expected to be really high up on the blade while holding it. You are just pinching the blade, really... Search Youtube for "Stone Chefs knife" and Chef Stone (whom these knives are named after) shows you how he intended them to be used. It is about 2mm too small in diameter to feel *perfect* (I have very large hands), but because of the shaping and balance, it still feels very, very comfortable. Who ever designed it did a great job, even someone with small hands will enjoy it. The handle is fabric with some form of epoxy (micarta?) that has a nice grip to it. Textured, sanitary, weighted, and cool to the touch. -Sharp? Yep. -Keep an edge well? Yep. I am still treating the edge on this thing like I would a firearm... don't point it at anything I don't want [sliced apart|harmed]. For comparison, I have a Cutco 6" chef's that I sharpened to a razor-like sheen around the same time that the Stone arrived in the mail (same level of care with use and storage, too) and it already requires another sharpening. Cons (or limitations, according to my subjective opinion): - This is *definitely* a rocker knife. I have to rock the handle down about 3-5 degrees more than I am used to so that I cut all the way through about 3 inches of material (say when dicing or cubing ). On slices, however (julienne, slicing melons, meat, etc.) it is the perfect merging of mind, body, tool. Spatial awareness and knowing where your fingers are in space, as mentioned previously, are really important here. -The extra folds and texturing are just for aesthetics. Even with all the bumps, things stick to the side of this knife just like any other. -As always with these high end knives, you use it, clean it, wipe it down dry, and securely place it back where you got it each time you use it for best results.

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